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Graham Birken‍‍‍head

People, Process, Culture & Organisation‍‍‍


Andrew Penny‍‍

Markets, Models & Exec‍‍‍ution

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Th e ‍‍‍ Kingsford Team

Where to play and how to win

Andrew's expertise spans ‍almost every vertical market. He is one of the best in getting products and services to market quickly and profitably. He will help you to translate your vision into reality and likely expand it into areas you've not even considered. He will help you put the strategic pieces together that give you an unfair market advantage. He will strengthen your business model and help you to design an unbeatable business.   He will provide unvarnished feedback to help you test your ideas and vanquish your fears.

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People and Process

Graham is the people, process, organization and culture expert.  He started his career as a military engineer where he developed expertise in the leadership of change, and organizational knowledge and culture.  He brings an eclectic mix of management and consultancy skills built on over 30 years of field experience. He uses these skills to support and coach clients in the implementation of the changes required for growth.

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People, Process, Culture & Organisation‍‍‍