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When you enter a new market, determine what the end users requires and then start from a blank sheet designing your own way to serve the ‘best’ segment in that market.

What does it mean changing the game?

Which one are you?

The pandemic that is changing our world is unprecedented. But we know that every downturn has a rebound.And with that comes unprecedented opportunity. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

• Some of you will muddle through to continue to survive.

• Some of you will hunker down and wait for the recovery.

• Others, will spend this time innovating and creating new products and services that better fit the new realities and enjoy unprecedented success.


Here’s how: We are providing free 5-Step Rebound Plan © workshops to management teams as time permits.  The workshops will be held on our Zoom conference network.

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And we want to help you Rebound

The world feels like it's been turned upside down, and there is so much uncertainty about the future, but there will be a future.

For over 30 years Andrew has consulted hundreds of manufacturers to enter and expand in North America.

You can’t penetrate a market with a catalogue of stuff. You have to focus. Most companies serve a local market with a wide range of products and services. You are winning business based on customer proximity. That won’t work 5000 km away. Pick the one or maybe two things you are really, really good at – potentially the world’s best.…
And then you have to test to see if that’s true.


The challenge is to match the thing that you are best in the world at, with  the market that needs it most.
Essentially your market position:

  • What do you do,
  • Who do you do it for,
  • Who else can do it
  • Why would they choose you

One of the biggest mistakes international firms make when expanding in the North American market, is failing to properly differentiate their products or services. U.S. and Canadian companies will often ask "Why you? Why should I risk dealing with a non-American company?"


North American companies tend to have a robust online presence as well as high operational efficiency. You will be competing with the world's best. So, you need to be best in the world at what you do to win business globally.

For almost 25 years Andrew, president of Kingsford Consulting Ltd, helps companies enter and expand in North America quickly and profitably. He draws on his wide vertical market experience to help companies determine where to play and how to win.

He formed Kingsford Consulting in 1997 to help small and medium-sized business grow. Over the last 25 years he has advised hundreds of companies in almost every market sector. He held executive roles with Bell Mobility (launched cellular services in eastern Canada), iSTAR Internet (created Canada's first national ISP), Mitel (expanded PBX sales though global channels), Telesat (created Canada wide presence for satcom services). With Kingsford: he advised Lightspeed POS through their initial expansion and funding (now valued at close to $7B); developed and delivered an SME training program for Apple's North American independent retail network; worked with Latin American and European companies to establish themselves in North America;


Andrew is, and has always been, a key source of relevant information. He is someone that I trust and love working with as he is always open to new ideas and an honest exchange. I have worked under his leadership and also worked as a peer, and you could not work with a more genuine individual. I highly recommend you make Andrew part of your company's vision as he has already been there and done that!!

Patrick Fantin
President, Besttech
May, 2021

Carlos Conde
VP, Public Sector Canada at Ceridian

October, 2021

Andrew helped us to identify acquisition targets across Canada and assisted us with the negotiations. He conducted detailed market research to scope out new business areas such as power markets and mining engineering targets. If you are a midsized company that wants to grow, I strongly recommend talking with Kingsford. Andrew and his team will provide you with well researched, practical advice to accelerate your business.

Thank you very much one more time for this insightful and informative event.  It was a great experience to cooperate with you. We appreciate the information, time, and service given for this event. We ourselselves learned a lot, but mostly we were glad to see our companies' interest and active involvement.

Ingrida Braziūnienė
Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Lithuania
February, 2022

I have worked with the Kingsford Team over the last year as they helped me to develop our North American market entry strategy. They brought out our strengths and developed a solid market position that is starting to pay off for us. In fact, they have connected me directly with potential clients (and even sat in on the first sales calls) that could increase our turn-over by at least 50%.
Andrew has profound expertise in what it takes to sell in North America, and Jelena understands the culture of European businesses very well. They are approachable, professional and effortless to work with. It almost felt like they were a part of my team.

I strongly recommend them to any company that wants to expand in North America

Nauris Jansons
Chairman, SFM
March, 2022

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BJC 2021 11 26 (5)

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