Best in World


Best in World

World Markets are Changing

- Businesses Must Adapt -

Our Best in World concept is a reflection of how the world of business has changed and is continuing to change

The world is shifting from a place where people and their businesses could be big fishes in millions of small ponds.  

Now, we are moving to a world where there is just one giant pond - or ocean - you are the same sized fish, but there is lots of opportunity - and space - to grow.

The mindset of the business owner has got to shift:

From one of providing a range of adequate services to local customers.

To one of providing exceptional quality niche product or service to customers all over the world - you literally become 'Best in World' at what you do. In a global world the generalist will fail, and the specialist will thrive.

An Opportunity to Seize

Most companies tweak their strategies with incremental thinking. In the long run, that won’t work. Resetting your strategy using a global point of view is the only way to ensure long term success.


If you work with us to be Best in World, we will:

  • Run a facilitated session with you and your management team to explore the Best in World concept and reframe your corporate strategy.
  • Focus in on what product or service you can use to be 'Best in World'
  • Sketch out the road-map that you will need to follow.
  • Identify the areas of support or expertise you may need as you execute on your Best in World strategic plan

How we Help

Andre‍w‍‍ Penny

Founder & President

Market Strategy and Business Development

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