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Healthy Dynamic Workplace Culture

Develop a Winning Strategy

Our Workplace Culture Program gets your management team aligned on culture: how to talk about it, understanding the culture you have, and optimising your culture to ensure your company hits its Strategic Goals.

CEOs intuitively know that culture is critical to the successful achievement of any company’s goals, regardless of the environment it operates in, the attributes of its product or service, or the sophistication of the processes and tools.  We will help you understand your culture and optimise it as you strive towards your strategic goals.

Exceptional people seek out companies with exceptional cultures.

The top 20% of candidates ask culture related questions during interviews

In any organisation, the impacts of a strong or healthy culture are profound resulting in higher productivity, greater creativity, higher levels of job satisfaction, and less churn. These healthy organisations are also more resilient in times of extreme external challenge (eg the pandemic).

We can all sense culture – good or bad – especially when we walk into somewhere like a new shop or visit a different country, and while we are sensitive to different cultures, we may not see the culture that we live in; an objective external observer, such as a consultant, can be invaluable here

Do you have the culture you want or need?  Let us help you with our:

Healthy Workplace Culture Program

Our work with you would typically comprise 4 elements:


Cultural Assessment


Implementation Support

Executive Team Orientation

Our cultural assessment will provide you with an independent and objective assessment of your organisational culture.

The output will be a report of our findings and recommendations.

This will include a presentation and discussion with the executive team.

[Can be done without the other 3 elements]

It's important that the whole management team are onboard - and on the same page - concerning the nature and importance of culture

[Optional but recommended]

Our 'self assessment' download is good preparation for this

We will work with you over a period of months as we convert the recommendations to a plan, to actions, and finally observable outcomes



Download our 'Self Assessment' Sheet
Values and Goals

A workshop to help you define and / or clearly articulate your corporate Values and Goals.  Knowledge of these are central to any further cultural adjustment work you carry out.

As a result of implementing cultural adjustment, client companies typically find:

  • Higher levels of staff motivation, inspiration and engagement
  • Greater productivity - better use of time - improved quality and customer service
  • Less office politics
  • Smoother communication and more creativity
  • Happier workforce
  • Less churn - people want to stay and people want to join

What's involved and what can I expect?

Executive Team Cultural Orientation Session


This ensures we are all aligned on our understanding of culture, and are committed to the subsequent parts of the engagement.  It will also provide an opportunity for the team to raise any cultural issues that they are aware of.  In particular, our discussion will include:·      

  • What is culture? – what does it mean, how do we recognise it, how do we measure it and how do we adjust it?·      
  • Exploration of the crucial link between culture and an organisation’s strategic direction and overall vision – especially the role of Purpose, Values, and Goals.·      
  • Overview of the activity that would be undertaken during Stage 2.·      
  • Capture of particular points of interest or concern of the board members to be incorporated in Stage 2.      


As part of our orientation, we can run an assessment amongst the management team to gather a ‘first look’ at your organisation’s culture – the results from this can be discussed in our workshop.  

This will illustrate how an organisation’s culture can be visualised and used as a means to set strategic goals and measurable objectives for cultural adjustments (if needed).  

Please note, this initial set of assessment results will be indicative and not the final assessment used for any cultural adjustment (see Stage 2).

  calendars to have the day completely free of interruptions or distractions (ie leave phones outside of the meeting (room).


    and sometimes, what you'd like to be good at.  This includes more than just your product or service.


Cultural Assessment

The cultural assessment is an in-depth review of the prevailing culture within the company.

  • We use a well established assessment methodology to build a picture of your organisation’s culture; we will gain input from as many of your employees as possible.  
  • We will carry out a series of interviews across the organisation; some of this is to probe areas of interest identified in the survey, and some to provide personal accounts of how employees experience the culture.
  • We will present the findings from the assessments to the management team.  This is to enable a discussion to ensure that we have a shared base-line understanding and acceptance of the current culture.  The discussion will then progress to consider the implications (good or less good) and any necessary adjustments or interventions needed to enable the company to achieve its strategic goals.

You will experience the ‘coming together’ of your executive management team as you align around your goals, values and overall purpose.

   values and overall purpose.

We will guide you through an exploration of your strategic intent. Many participants find this challenging work, we will come across many unknowns or conflicting views, we will highlight assumptions and gaps that individuals had about what should be a single shared vision – these are all very important to identify and often cannot be resolved there and then.

   will come across many unknowns or conflicting views, we will highlight assumptions and gaps that individuals had

   about what should be a single shared vision – these are all very important to identify and often cannot be resolved

   there and then.

    what is important to you, and what you need to achieve over what timescale as you prepare to create the future

    you want.


Values and Goals

Our Values and Goals sessions will usually be run as part of the main Cultural Assessment, but it can also be run as a distinct, discrete activity.  During the session, we will identify the beliefs embedded in the organisation as well identifying the behaviours that you aspire to as a company - these comprise your values.  We will also look at your strategic goals.  This insight is needed to ensure that your culture, including your values, are optimised to achieve your goals.   Prior to the session, the management team should complete the 'self assessment' activity.


Cultural Adjustment - Ongoing Implementation Support

Based on our collective understanding of your as-is culture and with recognition of your strategic goals and plans, we will devise an implementation plan with you to bring some of our recommendations to life.   It is important to understand that our role is as coaches, advisors and supporters.  And adjustments must be seen and felt by your staff to be coming from you.

We cannot 'fix' everything all at once.  We will identify key behaviours that will have a significant impact on the achievement of your objectives and goals - and work with those.

Implementation of the agreed plan will be carried out over a period of time, and will be constantly reevaluated; "any plan is only as good as its first contact with reality".

Some actions may be implemented quickly and simply. Others may need more planning and gentler introduction.

We will provide you with a record of the discussion.  This will include recommendations and identification of gaps that will need further work. This document will provide the basis for your ongoing strategic and operations plans

- we can work further with you on those if you wish.

    that will need further work. This document will provide the basis for your ongoing strategic and operations plans

- we can work further with you on those if you wish.

Opportunity for short follow-on sessions to explore some areas further and provide clarification for the team as the implications of the overall vision are felt.

    the implications of the overall vision are felt.

Your Next Step

If you would like to chat informally about whether this program is for you, click here to arrange a time for us to connect.  

We will usually respond within 24 hours.

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