KCL helped us achieve our strategic goals, make the right decisions in all sorts of areas at a critical time in our growth and helped us navigate our strategic landscape.  It’s been amazing.
Dax DaSilva, Founder and CEO, Lightspeed

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the last 20 years helping them to expand and dominate markets. We’ve put all of that experience into a high-powered program that will help you to Dominate Any Market (or DAM as we call it).


This program is not for every company. It's designed for companies that are solid and bursting with energy and are looking how to get to the next level of growth.


We’ve helped companies in technology, professional services, real estate, manufacturing, infrastructure, media, distribution, natural resources, education and everything in between.

Starting from




Here’s what we do:

Meet with you and your team to define in what you can be the world’s best

Products, services, culture, sales, channels, resources.

Understand where you want to take the company in the next 5 years

Set targets for geographies, segments, volumes.

Research the opportunities

Competition, market gaps, target segments

Deep dive into target segments

Understand how they buy, what their other options are, how they see value

Develop a communications strategy

Create awareness and establish your brand

Design a sales and channel strategy to reach your market and achieve your objectives

Direct, channels, Web – whichever is the most efficient

Create a budget

Work with you to establish an affordable budget

3 months free implementation support

We will help you every step of the way.

Everyone wants to grow their business but they always have an excuse to wait until ..... they hire a new VP, they open a new office, get through year end, Brexit is resolved, they see if this internet thing is real…. If you are one of those leaders then we really can’t help you.

I called Andrew and the next day he was in my office. Kingsford has deep knowledge and delivers great advice on markets,  marketing and business in general.  Good value in a very short time.
Gilles Chartrand, President, Optima Imaging

On the other hand if you understand that running a company is a risky business and that to grow you have to change the way you do things and that different is inherently risky, then if you get that….we can work together.


We have a limited capacity to take on new clients in this area and need to be selective about who we work with because we want every company to succeed.


Your financial investment for Dominate and Market is $39,000. Your time investment in Dominate any Market is approximately 5 days (ours is much more of course).


If you are ready to go, please call me to discuss how it would work for you or send me an email to set up a time to talk.

Andrew Penny

+1 (613) 592-0544  x 300

[email protected]