We will help you build your business in North America

Over the last few years, global events (Covid 19, Ukraine etc) have accelerated a shift in the way the world does business.  This in turn has created tremendous opportunities. Buyers are diversifying their supply chains, everyone is on-line and reachable, virtual sales are normal, the lowest price is no longer the law. These and many other changes could make this the ideal time to start your expansion.

Who is this service for?

Existing North American, Latin American, or European mid-market companies.

You may be looking to:

  • Increase revenues
  • Reach new or different customers
  • Bring new products or services to market
  • Export from North America
  • Export to, or commence production in North America

You know the market is there for your product or service, and perhaps you need more certainty about the size of the market, who you would be competing against, what resources you would need to service the market, and how to go about reaching the market.  Perhaps you are having or have had a bad experience exporting and you want to do it right.

Whatever you are thinking, have a conversation with us (no hard sell, no obligation) to explore what your next move could be and if we can add value

Your North America Team

We will work with you to deliver your project and be with you all the way;

we hope this will be the start of a long and rewarding relationship.

Santiago Duje

Montréal OfficeLatin American Expert

Jelena Franco

European  Office (Denmark)Tactical Marketing Expert

Andre‍w‍‍ Penny

Founder & President,Market Strategy and Business Development Expert

Expand in the $20Bn North American market

We have helped hundreds of firms accelerate their growth in the North American market.

Whether you are already in North America, or you are further afield and want to get a foot-hold in this massive market

We’d like to help you do the same.

Low cost.     Low risk.     High value.

We work on a fixed price basis.  Typically less than the travel and living cost to explore the market yourself.

What to Expect

Three major phases with a go / no go decision between each to minimize your investment risk.

Readiness Review

Based on our knowledge of the US and Canadian markets, provide a frank assessment of your capabilities to expand in the North American market and what you'll need to be ready

High Level Market Analysis

Based on your products and services, we will provide a scan of the market to identify the potential sales opportunities.

Competitive Assessment

We will investigate the market at a deeper level to identify those sub-segments where your particular offerings will have the highest probability of success, face the least competition and margins are strongest

Step 1

Sub-segment Identification

Using your local competitors as a basis, we will identify the direct and indirect threats you will need to overcome.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Position Recommendation

Market Awareness Plan

Market Access Plan


Step 8

We will provide you with precise methodologies to engage the new markets. This may include licensing, direct sales, web sales, resellers, distributers, partnerships, mergers or acquisitions

What will it take to become known in your chosen market? We will outline the available media and methods to establish your company as a valuable solution in the target market. Our research and recommendations are contained in an executive presentation ready for your review and action.

We will recommend how best to position yourself in the new market. This will include a definition of the products or services you plan to offer, the profile of the perfect customer, the core benefits you must provide to them, who you will need to compete with, and how to differentiate your value.

Gate 1 - Is there a market?

Our Gate 1 review will consider if we both have sufficient confidence that there is market opportunity

Gate 2 - Go to market?

Our Gate 2 review will help you decide if you now want to implement - and make the move.

We are ready to help you implement your plan. There is a vast array of ways we can help depending on what your needs are and what we have identified in our research and planning.

Step 9

First Sale

As an optional service, we can really roll our sleeves up and work with you to get that first deal.

Your Next Step

If you would like to chat informally about whether this program is for you, click here to arrange a time for us to connect

We will respond within 24 hours in your preference of English, French, Spanish, Latvian or Russian.



We offer a guaranteed fixed price that is typically less than the travel costs to explore North America by yourself.  

We also split the project into 3 phases with a decision point between each.



We accept  a limited number of assignments so that we can do them promptly and effectively.  

This program is not for everyone, some companies are simply not ready - let's talk.

For Latin American Companies

Coming to North America

This free e-book explores the opportunities that exist for Latin American companies that want to expand North.  We consider the market by sector and country.   If you dont find the answers in our e-book, just send us an e-mail and ask.

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