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What is Grand Strategy?

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war and then seek to win

Sun Tzu - Art of War

Corporate Grand Strategy is all about creating the future that you want as a company, and there are 3 key steps to that - it is crucial that they are done in the right order:

  1. First you have to be able to see that future and know that your management team is seeing and believing in the same thing.
  2. Next, you have to find the will to make it happen – and for that you need to truly believe you can do it.  
  3. Finally, you need to be able to execute and make it happen; and that is a lot easier if you have the first 2 items in place.

Our Corporate Grand Strategy session is a facilitated and highly interactive session for your whole management team that focuses mostly on Step 1.  It takes a full day and there will be some pre-workshop activity, and afterwards, usually a couple of shorter follow-up discussions.

Take our Grand Strategy Self-Assessment

Our free tool (we just need your e-mail and an agreement that we can communicate with you) will ask you a series of questions.  It will help you, and us, gain an initial insight into where you are going, why and what you will do to get there.

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Strategy: Grand and not-so-grand

It needs to answer the questions: “where are we going and why, who are we, what do we believe in, and what are we prepared to do to achieve our goals?”

The problem we see is that many people (initially) see strategy as a mechanical process that magically gives them a prioritised list of objectives and activities to achieve some goal – a goal that the organisation isn’t too clear on in the first place.

Most strategic discussions we hear are actually operational and tactical in nature; that crucial first step of bringing one clear vision of the future to the whole management team is often missing.

And we know that because when we ask some simple questions about it, we get many different answers. If your execs are all working towards different things, what is that doing to your effectiveness and efficiency?

So, we need to do something about that.

Coaches your executive team to ‘think’ strategically and ‘see’ the world that you want to create.

Which will enable you to confidently tackle the right markets with the right products and services.

And so simplify the process of setting objectives, generating operational plans and developing your tactics, so that you can build the right operations to produce your products and services.

Our Corporate Grand Strategy workshop:

Strategy is the achievement of goals through the wise use of resources and recognition of challenges.  

While that definition can be applied to all aspects and levels of the business, there needs to be an overarching corporate grand strategy.




What to Expect

Planning and Preparation

  • Prior to the workshop, there is a small amount of preparation needed by participants to help get them all oriented.
  • We ask that your whole exec / management team attend and that while in the meeting, you arrange for your calendars to have the day completely free of interruptions or distractions (ie leave phones outside of the meeting room).
  • Refreshments and lunch should be arranged for the meeting room (this keeps attendees on message)

During the Workshop

  • You will experience the ‘coming together’ of your executive management team as you align around your goals, values and overall purpose.  
  • We will guide you through an exploration of your strategic intent. Many participants find this challenging work, we will come across many unknowns or conflicting views, we will highlight assumptions and gaps that individuals had about what should be a single shared vision – these are all very important to identify and often cannot be resolved there and then.
  • By the end of the session, you will have a good shared understanding of where you are heading as a company, what is important to you, and what you need to achieve over what timescale as you prepare to create the future you want.


After Workshop

  • We will provide you with a record of the discussion.  This will include recommendations and identification of gaps that will need further work. This document will provide the basis for your ongoing strategic and operations plans – we can work further with you on those if you wish.
  • Opportunity for short follow-on sessions to explore some areas further and provide clarification for the team as the implications of the overall vision are felt.

Our workshop is an intense full one-day* session for your whole exec or management team, and it is carried out away from all the distractions of the day-to-day

* We can run this as a 2-day event for management retreats - in which case we can build in additional sessions covering a wide range of areas; we can go deeper and / or broader.  We can also build in 'team development' activities.   Ask us.

Your Next Step

If you would like to chat informally about whether this program is for you, click here to arrange a time for us to connect.  We will respond within 24 hours.

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[e-Book]   'The Grand Strategy DIY Workbook'

This is the book of the workshop.  This free e-book will provide you with the framework to build your own corporate grand strategy.   It's for those that want some background to the workshop, or for those that want to try it DIY.  

[e-Book]   'I Strategist'

Creation of strategy is a function of the human mind.  We think strategically as a matter of course.   A good strategic plan can only come about as a result of some good underlying strategic thinking.  This book builds on the content of the Grand Strategy Workbook (it does include everything that is in that book) by exploring the strategic thinking processes that are essential to help us create corporate (or any type of) strategy. This is a book for everyone.

Coming Soon