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If you are a CEO or owner of a manufacturing or services company, we can help you achieve significant growth



'Best in World'

As a business leader, your most important task is determining where to focus your company’s time, energy, assets, and capital.  

Kingsford is your trusted partner to help you do this efficiently and effectively.

We bring over 25 years of experience helping hundreds of companies to grow.

What can we do for you?

As a CEO your most important task is the effective allocation of your resources: capital, physical assets, people and time.

We answer these questions:

Where do we invest?Which segment should we focus on?Is it big enough for us to achieve our goals and objectives?How would we enter this market? What will it cost? What are the cashflow implications? What are the risks?Can you help us stay on course?

We use highly focused primary and secondary market research to get actionable information.

We use our deep experience to help determine the best segments for you to enter.

We create a game plan for your team to execute and we can help to implement.

Our approach is based on an intense focus on the project in hand, a lean approach, and no unnecessary overhead staff. Our proven team of senior managers simply gets the job done – quickly and efficiently applying decades of management advisory experience

KCL helped us achieve our strategic goals, make the right decisions in all sorts of areas at a critical time in our growth and helped us navigate our strategic landscape. It's been amazing.

Dax DaSilva

Founder & CEO

Andrew helped us to identify acquisition targets across Canada and assisted us with the negotiations. He conducted detailed market research to scope out new business areas such as power markets and mining engineering targets. If you are a midsized company that wants to grow, I strongly recommend talking with Kingsford. Andrew and his team will provide you with well researched, practical advice to accelerate your business.

Patrick Fantin


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