We work with companies that want to be somewhere else; they are unhappy with the status quo. They want to grow and expand; they want to accelerate their business. This requires new ideas, new markets and new ways of operating.  



Meet the KCL Team

Andrew Penny

Andrew, our founder,  leads market strategy and business development. He draws on his wide vertical market experience to  help you determine where to play and how to win.

Graham Birkenhead

Graham is our organizational expert. He focuses on culture, corporate strategy, lean operations, structure, and value flow. He'll improve the way you work and the way you work together.

Jelena Franco


Santiago hails from Argentina and is our Latin American expert. He has built sales and distribution networks in South and North America and around the world.

Santiago Duje

Latin America

Jelena is our European business guru. She brings expertise in food products,  packaged goods and market communications and speaks 5 languages.

Revenue and Growth

Fitness and Efficiency

- Ottawa -

- Ottawa -

- Aarhus, Denmark -

- Montreal and Buenos Aires -

Best in World

It's our underlying approach to everything we do

Best in World is our approach – to succeed in an increasingly global market, you have to think increasingly global.  Your market may be a specific geographical area, but your competitors could be from the other side of the world.  BiW invites you to determine what you are really up against and set in place a strategy and plan to be best placed to win against those global competitors, it invites you to find and focus on a niche that you can win.

All the Support you Need

Market Feasibility Study

Find out all you need to know about new markets - whether you want to launch a new product of move into a new patch or vertical.

Look West - from Europe / UK

If you are in Europe and considering expanding across the Atlantic, this is for you. We can help you get established in Canada, and from there, you could expand into all the Americas.

Dominate any Market

Build and execute a marketing strategy and plan to ensure you dominate in your new market whether you are launching a new product or moving into a new geography.

Look North - from Latin America

If you are in Latin America, Canada is the perfect place to start your expansion North - from there,  you can move on to the US market - when it and you are ready.

Spotlight on Operations

Operations is the daily life of your organization - it generates your revenue and consumes your margins.  You want it to be as finely tuned and efficient as possible.

Corporate Grand Strategy

Every organization should be able to clearly see the future it wants to create - and know what it's prepared to do to get there.  This is all about bringing clarity to your shared vision of that future.

We have a series of service offerings that clients most often ask for (also listed on our Home Page):

REBOUND - Designed to Address COVID-19 Opportunities

The world is experiencing something quite unprecedented. While there is a lot of uncertainty about the future, we can be sure that there will be a future - economies will rebound - so will you.  REBOUND is our coaching package that will help you prepare for the new world we are creating.

These start as focused projects and many clients ask us to continue to work with them during implementation to provide advisory support

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Management Support

Focused Acceleration Projects

We meet with you to help you define and scope the issues you need to address. We provide you with a fixed fee proposal confirming the required outcomes and then we efficiently get to work to deliver the recommendations that will help you and your team to accelerate.

Many of our clients ask us to provide longer-term advisory support to help them develop and execute their growth plans and to provide a sounding board for ad-hoc issues.   This can range from providing explicit advice, facilitating discussion, providing independent perspectives, being a sounding board, or just lending an ear.

Advisory Support

On-site or On-line Leadership Team Workshops

Our Best in World Facilitated One-day Workshop with your senior management team will help you identify the global forces that are impacting you, and how well you are placed to take advantage or defend against them. We will help you create a realistic vision of how your company can become a ‘Best in the World’ company, and identify the key things to do now to get you there. With a combination of Andrew’s market expertise and Graham’s operational insights and their combined holistic approach to business, you’ll be quickly ahead of the pack.

Keynote Presentations

Andrew and Graham are seasoned speakers and presenters; ask us to Speak at Your Event

Our Best in the World keynote presentation is an excellent way to kick off a company meeting or convention. It will generate discussion within your company or association about how to thrive in a competitive industry. We can tailor our presentation for your needs, add a question and answer session, and feed in insights from our years of experience advising hundreds of companies.

We have experience in almost every vertical market so whether you are in (or sell to) the retail, technology, manufacturing, construction, natural resource, financial, real estate, health, government, R&D, education, communications or any other sector, the chances are that we already know a lot about your business and can quickly step in to help. We bring new ideas, new business models, highly efficient processes and hands on coaching to help you implement and execute profit-driving ideas.‍‍

The KCL Advantage


  • We need to know about your dreams and aspirations  - as well as your fears and doubts.
  • We'll tell it as it is - we hope you'll do the same.   Good, open and honest communication is fundamental.
  • We make maximum use of your existing experience while transferring as much knowledge as possible to avoid creating dependencies.
  • We are hands-on and collaborative.
  • As appropriate, we make use of workshops, interviews, diagnostic tools, customer and employee surveys - did we mention we love big whiteboards?‍‍


  • A focused plan to achieve one objective at a time in order to quickly deliver high-value results.
  • Decisive action based on a thorough understanding of the problem or issue and the strategic or market context.
  • Regular reviews to generate a sense of 'battle rhythm', maintain momentum, resolve issues and keep you moving forward.
  • A working culture of a‍gility to adapt, collaboration, efficiency, velocity, and breakthroughs
  • We work with you, not on you, so you develop the ability to keep going and growing by yourslelves.

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