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Many business owners get stuck on a small issue – left or right, up or down, buy or sell and so on. They have all the data but need some objective feedback to help them decide, and create the confidence, to act. You may have an issue you are trying to resolve but want to get objective, experienced feedback.

We have worked with literally hundreds of CEOs around the world over the last 25 years. They come from almost every imaginable market sector. Often they have no one they can ask for help. That's why they come to us.


These are some of the questions we help business leaders answer:

  • I can’t find the staff I need – should I keep looking or invest in automation?
  • The world around me is changing so fast, how do I keep up?
  • I need an independent perspective on my strategy – I can’t see the label from inside the bottle!
  • Why isn’t my sales channel performing?
  • Why aren’t my employees engaged or driven to help the company succeed?
  • My revenue is decreasing – but the market is strong – what’s going on?
  • How can I be sure I have the right product – market mix?
  • How do I know if I have the optimal pricing structure?


Become a Pricing Master with these 5 Golden Rules

An area that people get wrong all the time is pricing. Some people price high based on the profits they hope to achieve. Some base it on some sort of average industry “cost plus” rule.  Some are afraid to charge too much. Still others simply add a few percent to last year’s price. So before you set your next price or quote your next deal here are t...

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