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- Research by Kingsford -

 Our objective at KCL is to help our clients become Best in the World. One aspect of this is our willingness to ask probing and thought-provoking questions. The types people don't really want to answer, but are glad that they were asked because they get to the heart of the issue.

Through our interviews and research we have become very good at seeing patterns, trends and the bigger ‘joined-up picture’. We don't pull our punches; we always say what we mean and mean what we say.

We are applying this expertise more broadly. We are producing a series of white papers, position papers, and think-pieces intended to share our insights and to spark conversations, discussions, intentions and ultimately actions.

These papers create a base that then allows us to provide: 

  • Keynotes to enable you to use the ideas as a start for your own strategic or team development activity.
  • Workshops to help you explore the ideas further and identify where they fit in with your strategic direction, goals or other considerations.
  • Research and ongoing support where we can work with you over a period of time to explore how the ideas affect you and how you can best take advantage and build them into your operation.


How to be 'Best in the World' in the .....

Construction Industry

  Our first paper in this series is:  How to be Best in the World in the Construction Industry.

Many of our clients are involved in the world of construction; developers, general contractors, engineers, architects, fixture and fitting manufacturers and retailers, builders, trades, property managers, etc.  We have been in a unique position to see how all of these components fit together, the challenges they face and the approaches they take. We see those thriving and those struggling to survive. We work in many verticals and have been able to compare the construction industry with other industries. We have made comparisons based on our market expertise, operational and organisation know-how, and our holistic approach to business.

This paper provides the global-macro context in which the construction industry operates, it looks at the specific challenges it is facing and reveals the opportunities for forward thinking companies to seize and steal the advantage.

Click here to download our Best in the World: Construction Industry White Paper