What does it Mean to be Best in World?

How do you Segment a Market?

How do you develop a Channel strategy?Should I expand into North America?

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Andrew answers these and many other questions during his talks on business growth. His audiences include associations, corporations and sales channels. He is also a sought after podcast guest sharing his experiences and observations with people around the world.


Being Best in the World

Best in the world is an approach to market entry that recognizes that competition is truly global and any new offering you create must be the best in the world to compete successfully. Buyers can access any product or service from anywhere in the world. In this session, Andrew describes how to become the best in the world and make yours the best choice for them.


Market Expansion

Moving into a new geography or new vertical is not for the faint of heart. In this interactive session Andrew explains the 13 major steps to ensure expansion success.

For over 30 years Andrew has consulted hundreds of manufacturers to enter and expand in North America.


You can't penetrate a market with a catalogue of stuff. You have to focus. Most companies serve a local market with a wide range of products and services. You are winning business based on customer proximity. That won't work 5000 km away. Pick the one or maybe two things you are really, really good at – potentially the world's best.…And then you have to test to see if that's true.

The challenge is to match the thing that you are best in the world at, with  the market that needs it most.

Essentially your market position:

  • What do you do
  • Who do you do it for
  • Who else can do it
  • Why would they choose you

For almost 25 years Andrew, president of Kingsford Consulting Ltd, helps companies enter and expand in North America quickly and profitably. He draws on his wide vertical market experience to help companies determine where to play and how to win.

He formed Kingsford Consulting in 1997 to help small and medium-sized business grow. Over the last 25 years he has advised hundreds of companies in almost every market sector. He held executive roles with Bell Mobility (launched cellular services in eastern Canada), iSTAR Internet (created Canada's first national ISP), Mitel (expanded PBX sales though global channels), Telesat (created Canada wide presence for satcom services). With Kingsford: he advised Lightspeed POS through their initial expansion and funding (now valued at close to $7B); developed and delivered an SME training program for Apple's North American independent retail network; worked with Latin American and European companies to establish themselves in North America;








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