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We have experience in almost every vertical market so whether you are in (or sell to) the retail, technology, manufacturing, construction, natural resource, financial, real estate, health, government, R&D, education, communications or any other sector, the chances are that we already know a lot about your business and can quickly step in to help. We bring new ideas, new business models, highly efficient processes and hands on coaching to help you implement and execute profit-driving ideas.


We work with companies that are unhappy with the status quo. They want to grow and expand; they want to acceleratetheir business. This requires new ideas, new markets and new ways of operating. We can help.


The problem with most market research is that a lot of time is spent dissecting an entire market. We approach our research with the simple question: how do I grow my business.  We don’t spend any effort defining dead-ends or boiling the ocean to get useless data.  We don’t hunt for information – we use our experience to hunt for ways to help you grow. Period.

Understanding your market is a critical first step needed to make decisions about market and innovation.  Strategic market research underpins any successful change in market approach. The three most important things in marketing are segmentation, segmentation and segmentation. This is particularly true when entering a new market – and a laser-like focus on a specific type of customer - with a need or desire that you can address better than anyone else - is vital.  

Here’s how we do it, we:    

  • Start our research with a keen understanding of what you are good at, what you could be good at, what you are not good at, and sometimes, what you’d like to be good at.  This includes more than just your product or service. We examine aspects such as your sales, marketing, logistics, management, culture, passions and financial abilities.·    
  • Sift the possible market segments to determine which are the likely segments that would be interested in your products or services based on the current and potential needs and desires. ·    
  • Examine the types of solutions that are already available to them to see where gaps exist.·    
  • Refine the segment selection to determine if your offering can be significantly differentiated to win the business.·    
  • Iterate until we find the key.

As we are doing this, we are building market intelligence that will support not only where you focus but how you start to capture these new clients.    

Our lead in this area is Andrew Penny.  Ask Andrew a question.


New Markets

Acceleration by Kingsford

Market Fitness  

  Everybody has heard of lean processes. Typically, it has been applied to manufacturing environments, and where properly implemented, it has resulted in huge gains (Toyota is the poster child for this). However, “lean’’ actually works with any sort of work environment – not just manufacturing.

Every company is part of an end-to-end value flow, and yours is no different.  How well and efficiently you add value for the end customer will determine your success (and profitability) as a company. You have core ‘revenue’ generating processes that configure, improve, and deliver the product or service you sell. You also have ‘expense’ processes that support the core revenue generating processes such as invoicing, staff management, and maintenance.   The magic is in accelerating the core value flow while reducing the friction and cost created by the expense processes.

Here’s how we do it, we:·    

  • Physically follow pieces of business through all of your processes looking for gaps and unnecessary actions.·    
  • Ask lots of questions about what you are doing, clarify why you are doing it, then we can work on how you do it.
  • Create maps of how value flows through your organization today – and how it could flow with various levels of change.
  • Look at the value you deliver to your end-users and how you can provide more value to them (and charge more for it of course).·    
  • Provide you with the knowledge and tools to manage and continuously improve your processes to increase revenues, reduce your time and cost and so increase profit.


Our lead in this area is Graham Birkenhead. Ask Graham a question.



Let's Get Started

Working with Kingsford‍‍


  • We need to know about your dreams and aspirations  - as well as your fears and doubts.
  • We'll tell it as it is - we hope you'll do the same.   Good, open and honest communication is fundamental.
  • We make maximum use of your existing experience while transferring as much knowledge as possible to avoid creating dependencies.
  • We are hands-on and collaborative.
  • As appropriate, we make use of workshops, interviews, diagnostic tools, customer and employee surveys - did we mention we love big whiteboards?‍‍


  • A focused plan to achieve one objective at a time in order to quickly deliver high-value results.
  • Decisive action based on a thorough understanding of the problem or issue and the strategic or market context.
  • Regular reviews to generate a sense of 'battle rhythm', maintain momentum, resolve issues and keep you moving forward.
  • A working culture of a‍gility to adapt, collaboration, efficiency, velocity, and breakthroughs
  • We work with you, not on you, so you develop the ability to keep going and growing by yourslelves.

We Should Talk

Reduce your costs and increase your profits Get more throughput with less friction and waste

Expand to new geographies or verticals Launch new products or services

Many of our clients ask us to provide longer-term advisory support to help them develop and execute their growth plans and to provide a sounding board for ad-hoc issues.

Leadership Team Workshops

Best in the World Facilitated One-day Workshop

Our one-day workshop with your senior management team will help you identify the global forces that are impacting you, and how well you are placed to take advantage or defend against them. We will help you create a realistic vision of how your company can become a ‘Best in the World’ company, and identify the key things to do now to get you there. With a combination of Andrew’s market expertise and Graham’s operational insights and their holistic approach to business, you’ll be quickly ahead of the pack.

Focused Acceleration Projects

We meet with you to help you define and scope the issues you need to address. We provide you with a fixed fee proposal confirming the required outcomes and then we efficiently get to work to deliver the recommendations that will help you and your team to accelerate.

Keynote Presentations

Speaking at Your Event

Andrew and Graham are seasoned speakers and presenters.


Our Best in the World keynote presentation is an excellent way to kick off a company meeting or convention. It will generate discussion within your company or association about how to thrive in a competitive industry. We can tailor our presentation for your needs, add a question and answer session, and feed in insights from our years of experience advising hundreds of companies.

Advisory Support

What Do We Bring?