About us

The KCL Advantage

We think strategically. We keep your goals, aspirations and core purpose in mind as we do our work. We leverage our experience from a very wide range of  vertical market. So whether you are in (or sell to) the retail, technology, manufacturing, construction, natural resource, financial, real estate, health, government, R&D, education, communications or any other sector, the chances are that we already know a lot about your business and can quickly step in to help. We bring new ideas, new business models, highly efficient processes and hands on coaching to help you implement and execute.

Some Recent Projects

  • Analyzed the North American grocery scale market for a Mexican manufacturer.

  • Developed a market expansion plan for an aviation equipment company.
  • Helped a large Latvian steel fabricator enter the green energy sector.
  • Advised a sports equipment manufacturer how to expand in the healthcare market.
  • Supported an edtech start-up through a successful pivot to the higher-ed segment.
  • Coached a national engineering firm on organic expansion and acquisitions.
  • Worked with a global engine testing firm to develop new markets.
  • Helped an electrical equipment manufacturer pivot to the green energy sector.
  • Analyzed the organic nutraceutical market for a manufacturer of processing equipment.
  • Profiled the market for a specialty recycling firm serving the industrial tire market.
  • Developed a go-to-market plan for an offroad powertrain manufacturer.
  • Analyzed the government privacy market for a video software developer.
  • Created a go-to-market plan for an electrical test equipment company.
  • Segmented the Photonic light sources market for a developer of super-luminescent LEDs.
  • Provided market entry advice to a developer of residential power management systems.
  • Helped a fleet management software company segment their market.
  • Determined the best market entry points for a manufacturer of waste recycling technology.
  • Advised on a business plan to use Geo data and AI technology to create operational maps.
  • Advised a developer of electroluminescent organic semiconductor technology for OLED displays.
  • Provided feedback on business plans for a greenhouse heat-exchange technology enabling year-round food production

Working with KCL


  • We need to know about your dreams and aspirations  - as well as your fears and doubts.
  • We'll tell it as it is - we hope you'll do the same.   Good, open and honest communication is fundamental.
  • We make maximum use of your existing experience while transferring as much knowledge as possible to avoid creating dependencies.
  • We are hands-on and collaborative.
  • And like most progressive companies we are at home working on site or remotely.


  • A focused plan to achieve one objective at a time in order to quickly deliver high-value results.
  • Decisive action based on a thorough understanding of the problem or issue and the strategic or market context.
  • Regular reviews to generate a sense of 'battle rhythm', maintain momentum, resolve issues and keep you moving forward.
  • A working culture of a‍gility to adapt, collaboration, efficiency, velocity, and breakthroughs

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