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We advise Business Owners and CEOs on Growth, Operations
and Strategy.


Which one are you?

The pandemic that is changing our world is unprecedented. But we know that every downturn has a rebound.
And with that comes unprecedented opportunity. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

• Some of you will muddle through to continue to survive.

• Some of you will hunker down and wait for the recovery.

• Others, will spend this time innovating and creating new products and services that better fit the new realities and enjoy unprecedented success.

No matter which – we can help.


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For companies that want to grow and dominate their markets.  

This program is designed for companies that are solid and bursting with energy and are looking how to get to the next level of growth. We will meet with you and your team to define in what you can be the world’s best and understand where you want to take the company in the next 5 years.

We will research the opportunities for you and deep dive into target segments as well as develop a communication strategy and design sales and channel strategy to reach your market and achieve your objectives.




Canada is Euro-friendly and America's Savvy.
The logical entry point for expansion to North and Latin America.

The 'Look West' program will quickly help you assess the Canadian market, identify relationships and provide local support to help you grow your business.

Canada is the world's 10th largest economy at $1.8T USD (compared to the UK in 5th place at $2.9T USD). We have helped hundreds of firms accelerate their growth. We’d like to help you do the same.



Expand to new geographies or verticals.

Launch new products or services.

Our Market Analysis identifies the addressable and target markets for your product or service – whether existing, new or proposed. We take a good look at your capabilities and your product or service, and then we identify where to focus your marketing and sales effort.

That could be new geographies, new products, different verticals or any combination. We provide you with all the information you need to understand the nature of the market, as well as identifying some of the risks, and will provide you with the key steps you need to take to get started.



Reduce your costs and increase your profits.

Get more throughput with less friction and waste.

Operations is your company’s engine that gets you to your goals. It’s where most of your processes and people are, and where most resources are consumed, and costs are generated that eat up your hard-won revenue.

Here we will find inefficiencies which are like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake at the same time – oh, and a brick under the gas pedal.  Our Spotlight on Operations program will help you become more efficient through continuous improvement.  It’ll give your corporate engine the power and reserves you need to accelerate, grow and thrive.


Spotlight on Operations


As a company, where are we going and why?

What are we prepared to do to get there?

Strategy is the achievement of goals through the wise use of resources and recognition of challenges.   That definition can be applied to all aspects of the business.  However, your company overall needs a corporate grand strategy.

It needs to answer the questions: “where are we going and why, who are we, what do we believe in and what are we prepared to do to achieve our goals.    Our Grand Strategy session will bring clarity to your vision so that you can tackle the right markets with the right products and services and the right operations to produce them.



KCL helped us achieve our strategic goals, make the right decisions in all sorts of areas at a critical time in our growth and helped us navigate our strategic landscape.  It’s been amazing.

Dax DaSilva
Founder and CEO, Lightspeed

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Quote Open 2

I called Andrew and the next day he was in my office. Kingsford has deep knowledge and delivers great advice on  markets,  marketing and business in general.  Good value in a very short time.

Gilles Chartrand
President, Optima Imaging

Francis Lepine
CEO of Lepine Corporation

Kingsford helped us to elaborate our processes , strengthen our internal communications and increase our forward thinking. We are a much more efficient machine. We are hitting the nail on the head year after year after year in a more precise manner.  

Quote Open 2

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