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  • As a boutique company, we really understand how your business works better than most corporate consultants. We've struggled to make payroll, we've agonized over staffing decisions, we've taken product and market risks, often. We have made bets on technology and partnerships. But most of all we live for the turnarounds, the big wins and awesome year ends.  

  • Kingsford is one of a very few consulting firms that only undertakes projects on a fixed fee basis. You'll never have to wonder if all those billable hours were actually spent on your project and not on management overhead, office politics, endless staff meetings, training programs and the hundreds of other things that chew up time. We enjoy what we do and we hate punching a time clock.

  • Our approach is based on an intense focus on the project in hand, a lean approach, and no unnecessary overhead staff.  Just decades of management advisory experience. Our proven team of senior managers simply gets the job done. And we get it done faster and more efficiently.

Market Research, Sales Plans, Operational Efficiency, Corporate Strategy, Custom Workshops

These are just are just some of the ways we can work with you.

Hot-seat Consulting

Do you have a business question that you think can be resolved with a short conversation - rather than a full-on consulting engagement?

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That's why we created 'Hot-seat Consulting' - it's amazing how much we can achieve in an hour's conversation

Learn more about some of our programs:

Which one are you?

The pandemic that is changing our world is unprecedented. But we know that every downturn has a rebound.And with that comes unprecedented opportunity. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

• Some of you will muddle through to continue to survive.

• Some of you will hunker down and wait for the recovery.

• Others, will spend this time innovating and creating new products and services that better fit the new realities and enjoy unprecedented success.


Here’s how: We are providing free 5-Step Rebound Plan © workshops to management teams as time permits.  The workshops will be held on our Zoom conference network.

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And we want to help you Rebound

The world feels like it's been turned upside down, and there is so much uncertainty about the future, but there will be a future.

For companies that want to grow and dominate their markets.  

This program is designed for companies that are solid and bursting with energy and are looking how to get to the next level of growth. We will meet with you and your team to define in what you can be the world’s best and understand where you want to take the company in the next 5 years.

We will research the opportunities for you and deep dive into target segments as well as develop a communication strategy and design sales and channel strategy to reach your market and achieve your objectives.