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Graham, December 14 2021

Carry on ‘Looking after You’

In March 2020, just as we were all starting to feel the reality of the Covid pandemic, and we had suspended our disbelief, and really kicked into action to deal with the unfolding crisis, I wrote a blog called ‘Look After You’.  At the time, we had no idea how long the pandemic would last; and now, despite vaccines and far better understanding, it seems that it is going to be with us for quite a while yet.   Many people are still working from home – some now permanently; for some companies, return to work dates are being postponed and replaced with a ‘sometime around ..”.   But for all that time, we have been working and living with the uncertainty and ongoing hyper-vigilance, hoping that it will be over sooner rather than later, putting things on hold till such a time as a better flavor of ‘normality’ returns.   And one of those things that perhaps we have put on hold, particularly as leaders, is ‘Looking after Ourselves’. 

The main thrust of my ‘Look After You’ blog was to remind us that we are merely human, not super-human and while we can do a lot, we can’t do everything.  And that is OK.  For those of us in positions of leadership, we have to be fully functioning, mentally, emotionally and ideally physically, before we can continue to help those for whom we are responsible.  While many have done a good job of looking after themselves, and remaining positive and optimistic, I am seeing the signs of fatigue, the mounting effects of the chronic pressure of the last 22 months, and few have taken little if any time off or out to recharge.

So, this is a seasonal reminder to plan some downtime. It’s a couple of weeks yet to the Holidays – so plenty of time to build a bit of space in your calendar, and psyche your-self up for a few days of ‘me time’.  So read my ‘Look After You blog – or don’t; either way, plan to recharge.   You’ve worked hard, you’ve led the team through challenging times, and there is further to go. You deserve it, and your team needs you at your best. 


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