Andrew Penny, December 20 2022

Kingsford and Forest Gump

Almost 30 years ago Forrest Gump summed up working at Kingsford this way, “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” 

And so here, in Jeopardy style, is a sampler of what we learned this year…

1.     2,000  - How many padded rooms are  built each year in the United States?

2.     4200  - How many primary airports are there in North America?

3.     75% - How much less does cannabis weigh after drying?

4.     50 - What % of the world’s natural rubber production does China consume?

5.     5 Tons – How much does the largest mining truck tire weigh?

6.     1,800,000 – How many new homes are built in North America in an average year?

7.     82,000  - How many homes does the largest North American builder build each year?

8.     129,000 – How many Salmon are imported into the US each year?

9.     100,000 – How many ATVs does Honda build each year?

10.  500,000 – How many Class 8 Trucks (tractors) are on the road in Canada?

11.  3,900,000 – How many Class 8 Trucks on the road in the US?

12.  49 – What is the average age of a truck driver?

13.  35,000  - How many municipalities and townships are there in the United States?

14.  633,000 – How many requests under Freedom of Information laws are made in NA each year?

15.  3,500 – How many John Deere dealers are there in the US?

16.  400 – How many Photonics companies are there in Canada?

17.  $5/KG – What is the wholesale price for Shea Butter?

And Forrest Gump should have invested in the premium chocolate market….

18.  $75.32 Billion – What is the current value of the global premium chocolate market.

Of course, the facts and figures are only the starting point. It’s how we use our expertise to analyze, segment, position, understand and help you craft a growth strategy that matters.

If you have any questions on the above, please let me know. What surprise you about this list? Perhaps we can add some Jeopardy questions based on your business next year….

We wish you all the best in 2023 and that all tyrants, bullies, and despots (wherever they are) come to see the benefits and beauty of peaceful coexistence.

Jelena, Santiago, Graham and Andrew

Written by

Andrew Penny


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