Executive Privilege and Why You Don’t Want It

Andrew Penny, October 28 2021

The reason I bring this up is because of a more recent interaction with Bell. My internet stopped working and so I went online to try and resolve it… The first items on their phone tree are all about buying a new phone, a new TV service, faster internet etc… Eventually you get down to repairs and you again click through a long tree only to be put o...

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Welcome To The Edge of Chaos

Graham Birkenhead, October 21 2021

We humans are paradoxical creatures.  On the one hand, we like habits - good or bad - where we follow routines, and especially if we did something that worked really well, then we are quite happy to do the same again, and again, and keep doing it.   Eating the same things, at the same times, going to the same place for vacation year after year, a...

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How are you going to react to this?

Graham Birkenhead, October 14 2021

It's amazing how often I see people in leadership positions doing one when the other would have been more appropriate.  These 2 words are often used interchangeably, and you could say that to use one word rather than the other is a matter of semantics.   But, for the moment, let's just entertain the notion that they are quite different and being ab...

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Hypnotic Shower Moments

Graham Birkenhead, October 7 2021

When I was a child, I had a VERY active imagination (I guess like a lot, if not most children).  I had limited exposure to the world, yet that didn't stop me.  Every new experience provided opportunities to ask more questions, everything I saw on television (even in black and white) or heard on the radio, or conversation overheard, gave me more inp...

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Beyond The Bubble

Graham Birkenhead, September 30 2021

While many people are trying to 'get back to normal', I think many of us have realized that for a whole range of aspects of our existence - whether at home or in business - we are looking at a new or different normal - and exactly what that looks like, is still being defined. Times of uncertainty always provide great opportunity for those willing...

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Want Some Advice

Graham, September 23 2021

I was once told that the only advice you should give is: 'never give advice unless it is asked for'. And that was by a person who seemed to have no end of unwanted advice to proffer.  But at least that was one bit of valuable advice. As consultants, part of our role IS to advise, although we usually do wait for at least some sort of tacit request...

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Building your Direct to Customer Channel in 10 Steps

Andrew Penny, September 14 2021

Hi everyone Andrew here. Previous blogs have answered: What is D2C? Why would I use D2C?; Is D2C Profitable? How hard is D2C to set up? Can I use D2C if I also use a 3rd Party Channel?. This blog puts it all together. How do I decide what to sell through D2C? It just makes sense to launch with a world beating product rather than a ‘me too’ product....

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Will my channel revolt if I introduce a D2C model

Andrew Penny, September 9 2021

“I have an established sales and distribution network. How would I ever be able to set up a direct to Customer sales approach?   Great question. Many industries are locked into old ways of working and will find it hard to transition; the automotive industry is a great example. Manufacturers depend on a huge network of franchised dealers who promote...

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How to Set up a Direct to Customer Sales Channel

Andrew Penny, September 2 2021

For many new companies, selling direct to the customer is quite natural. However, if you run an established company, you might be asking yourself how difficult will it be to set up a direct to customer model. This is the fourth in a series of articles on D2C. In previous articles we’ve looked at the factors that make D2C possible, the non-cash be...

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Is D2C Worth The Hassle?

Andrew Penny, August 26 2021

This is the third in a series on Direct to Customer (D2C). This one explores the financial implications. All of us in business are part of an end-2-end value chain that ends when the product or service is consumed. The ‘Direct to Customer’ model is one that skips some of the traditional steps that in the past would have been completed by an indirec...

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