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Jelena Franco, July 22 2021

Watch Out For That Guy In Latvia With Big Ideas

By Andrew Penny

What are you really, really good at? You may own a services company, a manufacturing company, or you may sell to other business or sell to consumers. You may be a distributer or a value-added reseller. No matter what you do, someone else, somewhere else in the world, is doing the same thing. 

You likely know who your current competitors are – they may be local, regional or even international. But what you don’t know about is that enterprising business owner who has decided to focus on a particular market problem and become the best in the world at solving it.  And you won’t know about them until your customers start diverting orders to them.   Intel’s Andy Grove’s prescient warning of “Only the Paranoid Survive” in 1988 is even more true today. 

Most companies have a range of products and services that range from good enough to very good. Occasionally there will be one that is truly excellent. As you look across your product and service offerings, ask yourself with which ones are you truly unassailable? Which ones provide the best value in the world?  My challenge to you is to figure out which of your offerings are, or could be, absolutely Best in World. 

This Best in World product should become your foundation. It’s the one that you need to nurture and continuously improve. It’s the one that will protect you (to echo Grove’s paranoia) and the one with which you could conquer the world. 

If you are planning on ramping up your export activity you might want to read this first.


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Jelena Franco

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