Jelena is based in Aarhus in Denmark, and runs the Kingsford Consulting European office.

As a marketer and researcher, Jelena excels at market research and communications. She digs broad and deep to uncover crucial information to help clients truly understand their markets so they can not only grow, but thrive.

Jelena has held business development roles for several pan European businesses and has played a central role in opening up export markets and closing sales agreements with several European Supermarket chains.  

She has been a Key Account Manager for a Danish fast-moving consumer goods company and was responsible for export sales across the whole of Europe for them. She oversaw the development of sales agreements with Swedish agents and as a result successfully got their products to market. She has also negotiated deals with the biggest Dutch supermarket chains, including Co-op and Spar, as well as similar chains in the UK, Portugal, the Baltic states, Finland and Russia.  



Jelena Franco

European  Office (Denmark) - Tactical Marketing Expert

As a Leading Expert for the Latvian Business Investment and Development Agency,  she led research into the Latvian startup ecosystem as well as developing a government support program for Latvian startups.

Jelena co-founded a food supplement business and has subsequently become expert in the area of Health and Diet.

Jelena holds an International Relations degree from University of Portsmouth (UK) and a degree in International Business from London South Bank University. She is fluent in English, Portuguese, Latvian and Russian and has good comprehension of Danish and Spanish.


Where there is the will, there is always a way!