I have always felt an indescribable connection to nature since my childhood revolved around the joys of spending time on my grandparents' farm. A little over a decade ago, I relocated to Denmark, drawn by its remarkable balance of nature and a fulfilling lifestyle, and recently settling in the countryside to raise my own children amidst the joy of nature echoes the idyllic upbringing I experienced.

Supporting the growth of sustainable technologies aligns perfectly with my deep-rooted passion for preserving the natural world, and it is an endeavor that truly resonates with me. As the research and marketing specialist at Kingsford Consulting, I immerse myself in the intricacies of each industry, discovering invaluable information that empowers our clients to truly comprehend their markets. By providing them with this comprehensive understanding, we enable them to make informed decisions and create strategies that lead to sustainable success.


Jelena Franco

European  Office (Denmark) - Tactical Marketing Expert

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in sales and marketing, acquiring expertise through various roles in business development for pan-European companies. I played a pivotal role in opening up export markets and finalizing sales agreements with prominent European supermarket chains. Additionally, as a Key Account Manager for a Danish fast-moving consumer goods company, I spearheaded their export sales efforts across Europe. Alongside these experiences, my tenure as a Leading Expert for the Latvian Business Investment and Development Agency involved leading research into the Latvian startup ecosystem while developing a government support program for local startups. My journey also led me to co-found a food supplement business, putting my sales and hands-on marketing experience to test.


Throughout all my experiences, I have witnessed that "marketing" often becomes a stumbling block for many companies. Nowadays, having a website is considered a necessity, but navigating the overwhelming digital marketing landscape and avoiding being lost in the noise can be challenging for leaders of both small and large companies. In my role, I assist companies in traversing this landscape, pointing out tangible first steps that are essential for capturing the interest of their target audience. I hold a degree in International Relations from the University of Portsmouth (UK) and a degree in International Business from London South Bank University. Multilingualism is one of my cherished gifts, as I am fluent in English, Danish, Portuguese, and Latvian, with a strong comprehension of Spanish.