Mid-market clients trust Santiago to win customers in new markets profitably and sustainably. His success is built on his ability to listen carefully and intently to clients’ needs and wants. He is extremely competitive and is focussed on your success.

Santiago is an international business development executive with deep experience in rail, telecommunication, information technology and a variety of other sectors.

He leverages his technical background and broad international business development experience to ensure your company can compete effectively. His close attention to details ensures that nothing is overlooked.  He has an eye for identifying unique opportunities to enter new markets. Santiago designs the future then creates the critical path and well-defined goals to help you effectively execute and achieve the objectives.

Santiago has held technical and management roles with Applied Research Electronics Labs at the National University of Cordoba (developed electronics equipment for agribusiness and electro-medicine); Telecom Personal (Implemented the first cellular services in Argentina with TDMA technology); Celvicio.com (created one of the first ecommerce retailers in Argentina in 1999); Movicom (Launched the first GPRS wireless-network in Argentina and residential phone system using wireless technology); Queens University of Belfast, UK (simulated the Wells Turbine performance in C language);

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Santiago Duje

Montréal Office - Latin American Expert

Microcell (developed the wireless network in Vancouver for Fido); Alstom Transport (Led commercial proposals around the world); IEC Holden (was responsible for the corporate revenue generation, 4 plants with 500+ employees in Canada, USA, Mexico, and South Africa).

He is an active investor in Real Estate and Green-Tech Start-ups. He has been PMP certified since 2010 by PMI. He holds a BASc Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree from the University of Cordoba and an MBA degree from the CEMA University. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and has a good comprehension of Portuguese.

He enjoys building long-lasting relationships. His passion and motivation are based on his mantra, “Have integrity, build trust, find a way, not an excuse, and have fun”.

+1 514 919 2692 (WhatsApp)