Andrew Penny, March 2 2021

24 Inches

Everybody in the world is now only 24” apart. Don’t believe me? On your next Zoom call, measure your nose to screen distance…

COVID has changed things. We have learned that we can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. We know that distance is dead. However, an interesting way to think about it is that everybody in the world is just 24 inches away.

If I want to meet with some of our clients in South America, we are 24 inches apart. Someone in Eastern Europe, New York, Toronto, or Ottawa - only 24 inches apart.

I am old enough to remember when you had to book a long-distance call, and you had to shout down the copper line to get across the ocean. Distance was a real thing. Now, being just 24 inches apart, I can meet with anybody in the world in a matter of seconds. The instant connectivity removes geographical barriers and office walls. The friction that existed when people were physically in different places is gone.

As you think about your business (hiring, selling, managing, buying) think about the fact that every single person in the world is just 24 inches away. As you do, you will fundamentally shift how you think about your business, your suppliers, and your networks.

Enjoy your day and remember that we are only 24 inches away. Connect with us if you would like to have a conversation about using these 24 inches to expand your business.

All the best,

Written by

Andrew Penny


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