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Andrew Penny, June 10 2020

Introducing the Sales Studio

If you are like me, you have seen a whole range of backgrounds while on video calls. There are the digital backgrounds that flicker in and out like a bad version of the matrix. The bright background and badly lit faces that leave you wondering what people are saying. The ‘up the nose shot’ by people who don’t raise their camera. The ‘too much information’ backgrounds of unmade beds, unkept kitchens and charming children.

All of these reflect on the organizations these people work for. Ok, the first few weeks we were scrambling to figure it all out but three months later there is no excuse.

Last week I provided some ideas on what the new sales environment might look like Post Pandemic, specifically the near universal use of video calls to reach out to customers and prospects. Darrin Mitchell CEO of Trout River Industries replied with something he has been doing that you should consider doing as well.

Darrin has set up a ‘sales studio’ for his team to help them stay in touch and reach out to new buyers around the world. (And lest you think that Darrin is running a high-tech firm that has been digital forever, Trout River sells ‘live bottom’ trailers to the earth moving industry such as roads, mines, agriculture, etc. They sell about one trailer every day of the year. (You can see a promo video he made to celebrate the deal they won with The Boring Company. Have you done anything like this? You really should.)

Without overthinking it, Darrin bought two trade-show booths so that his salespeople can present a professional background. He placed a large display screen in front so that the salesperson can easily see the prospect and he placed a webcam in front of the screen so that the buyer has the impression the seller is looking at them rather than ‘over’ them. It is an innovative approach and costs much less than a typical sales road trip. His salespeople can easily see three clients a day rather than three a week under the old way of doing things. This is the new normal.

This is Darrin’s set up:Courtesy of Trout River

Did I mention that Trout River Industries is located on the west end of Prince Edward Island in Trout River? Yes – miles from everywhere. If he can do it – well, all of us can.

Let me know what you are doing in your business to increase your outreach. And if you’d like to discuss some innovative ideas… contact me.

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Andrew Penny


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