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KCL helped us achieve our strategic goals, make the right decisions in all sorts of areas at a critical time in our growth and helped us navigate our strategic landscape. It's been amazing.

Dax DaSilva

Founder & CEO

I called Andrew and the next day he was in my office. Kingsford has deep knowledge and delivers great advice on markets,  marketing and business in general.  Good value in a very short time.

Gilles Chartrand


I truly appreciate the creativity and desire to help our company. Empower2Transform Solutions, in so many facets. Your team did an amzing job analyzing the market und pinpointing locations that we could target for the establishment of our company. And you did a wonderful job of consolidating so much data and showing us the opportunities that lay ahead of us.

I noticed the creativity as we brainstormed creative ideas of how we could implement our technology around the world. I also learned so much about how to creativly target areas. I appreciate you helping to put our concept into new words that better capture what we are creating.

You truly served us and acted a s a part of our team. You will never know how much this time has helped launch us into the next phrase of growth and influence for good in the world. You are helping us to accomplish our vision of «Empowering everyone for good.»

Russell Swaim

Co-founder and VP of BD

Andrew helped us to identify acquisition targets across Canada and assisted us with the negotiations. He conducted detailed market research to scope out new business areas such as power markets and mining engineering targets. If you are a midsized company that wants to grow, I strongly recommend talking with Kingsford. Andrew and his team will provide you with well researched, practical advice to accelerate your business.

Patrick Fantin


We engaged Kingsford Consulting to help us understand opportunities in the North American market and to assist us in developing the right strategy. Our team now has a solid understanding of the North American market and the dynamics that drive it. Kingsford's recommended strategy is innovative and will be highly effective.

I was extremely pleased with not only the assessments and recommendations they provided but also the quality of the interaction with our team. Their ability to work in Spanish, a solid understanding of how our country (Argentina) does business, and the culture we operate in resulted in a pleasant and effective engagement. I would strongly recommend them to any firm planning on expanding in North America.

Nelson Lambertini


I have worked with the Kingsford Team over the last year as they helped me to develop our North American market entry strategy. They brought out our strengths and developed a solid market position that is starting to pay off for us. In fact, they have connected me directly with potential clients (and even sat in on the first sales calls) that could increase our turn-over by at least 50%.Andrew has profound expertise in what it takes to sell in North America, and Jelena understands the culture of European businesses very well. They are approachable, professional and effortless to work with. It almost felt like they were a part of my team.I strongly recommend them to any company that wants to expand in North America

Nauris Jansons

Chairman, SFM

Kingsford helped us to elaborate our processes, strengthen our internal communications and increase our forward thinking. We are a much more efficient machine. We are hitting the nail on the head year after year after year in a more precise manner.

Francis Lépine


Thank you very much one more time for this insightful and informative event.  It was a great experience to cooperate with you. We appreciate the information, time, and service given for this event. We ourselselves learned a lot, but mostly we were glad to see our companies' interest and active involvement.

Ingrida Braziuniené

Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Lithuania

Andrew is, and has always been, a key source of relevant information. He is someone that I trust and love working with as he is always open to new ideas and an honest exchange. I have worked under his leadership and also worked as a peer, and you could not work with a more genuine individual. I highly recommend you make Andrew part of your company's vision as he has already been there and done that!!

Carlos Conde

VP, Public Sector Canada

I had a valuable two hours on the markets of North America: USA and Canada. Thank you for this opportunity to Jelena Franco, Andrew Penny and Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts.

Jolanta Petkeviciene

Head of Sales and Marketing

I had wonderful opportunity to participate in webinar of North America, where presented the key strategies of success market entry. Thanks to Ingrida Braziuniene for organizing this event and to Jelena Franco for shared your insight and to Andrew Penny, an inspiring personality, for sharing useful information of US water metering. There's never been a better time to expand globally.

Business Development Manager

The team at Kingsford was a pleasure to work with. They approached our project with a genuine curiosity to learn about our business and were dedicated to delivering a valuable end-product that would allow our business to refine our commercialization strategy. Through collaborative conversation we worked with their team to iterate on how the industry expertise and market research they'd found would be applied to our business model. In the end, we were pleased with how they formulated the market research and look forward to applying it to our business strategy and planning moving forward.  

Bram van den Berg

Chief Operational Officer

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