Jelena Franco, February 2 2021

A good juggler doesn’t focus on catching the balls.

Have you ever been fascinated by an expert juggling three or five balls at a time? So you try it and maybe you manage to catch one ball, then you find yourself lunging after the second, and then you have absolutely no idea where the third one went. The secret to mastering juggling is to be an expert thrower. Because, when you are good at throwing, the catching takes care of itself.

My blogs focus on marketing. What does juggling have to do with that?

Most of the pain surrounding “marketing” and “marketers” is experienced by companies trying to Catch clients. These companies are too lazy to differentiate themselves – by the product or service they have created, by specific type of client they serve and the felt problem they address. They try to catch clients by discounting, special offers, contests and so on. They use expensive ad campaigns with a tiny conversion rate.

On the other hand, Throwing is the preparation work you do before you start engaging clients. Do this properly and clients will come to you easily and efficiently.

It starts with product (or service) definition. You need to be very clear and precise about what it is that you do, exactly who you do it for, and how it will change their lives.

When you get this right, you’ll find that generating new business takes care of itself. Customers ask for more of what you do and, most importantly, recommend you to others. When your customers love what you do and insist on telling other people, you’ll be in great shape. The referrals you can generate within a tightly focused market is much less expensive and way more effective.

So, continue refining who your product and service is for and what difference it will make for them.

Remember, juggling is fun. You just need the balls to do it.


Written by

Jelena Franco


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