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Andrew Penny, January 26 2021

Why I love Moleskines

So here we are : 2021.

We are at a new beginning.

• WFH is a recognized acronym
• The US has a new administration,
• The UK has set sail away from the EU
• China is running into authoritarian complaints
• Covid vaccines are hitting their stride
• Social media is maybe too big for its own good
• On-line and Cloud everything is the norm
• Client expectations are through the roof
• The world and everything and everyone in it is global

Wow – sounds like we are going to have a ton of fun capitalizing on all of these great opportunities to disrupt and monetize.

And I do want to talk about these things but, because we are going to be very busy, we need to get ready with some basics... I know ..sounds about as exciting as checking the oil before a long car trip.. yeah but I think you will enjoy these ideas.

Over the last 40 years I have seen and used just about every form of task management system you can imagine: PAs, PDAs, paper systems, a myriad of apps, cloud systems and more. And I’m going to share with you what I have found to work best for busy business leaders.

I have tried everything - but what I have concluded is the best system best is paper based. I keep a daily journal. It’s made out of paper. At the end of each day (which might be at lunch time) I turn to a fresh page, write the date on the top of the page and list everything that I want to get done tomorrow. I estimate how long each task will take and then I number them in the sequence in which I plan to get them done. That’s it. Then I go out and play.

The next morning, I work through my list. And I also make notes with sketches and doodles and arrows and underlines from the various discussions and thoughts that come to me. But (and here is the best part) as you complete a task you take a pen and you cross that thing out! Its done. It has been achieved. It has left the building. It is such a great feeling.

You know sometimes you get to the end of a long messy day and think – what the heck did I accomplish today? Well – guess what – you just have to look at all those things you crossed out and there you have it.

Try it. You don’t have to buy a fancy $25 notebook (Moleskines are nice). I guarantee you that after three of four days you’ll be hooked, you’ll be more efficient, and you’ll get that nice little kick of endorphin every time you cross one off your list. (And you can also look back on all those notes, ideas and random thoughts.)

Next week I will be sharing another way that owners and CEOs can be better prepared for the rush of opportunities that are coming.

Written by

Andrew Penny


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