Leadership & Management

Redlining in the Rockies

Andrew Penny, September 26 2023

On my out drive to Victoria, BC and back I realized that I had a problem with my tachometer. The tachometer tells you how many times the engine rotates each minute (RPM). It’s important to keep an eye on it so that you neither make the engine go too slow - you risk straining the engine, or too fast - you risk having bits fly off it. Neither are...

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Market Strategy

It’s like ‘When Harry Met Sally” but with Penguins

Andrew Penny, September 12 2023

Most movies are unique, except for the endless sequels. And so, when someone pitches a studio on a movie idea, they need to explain something that’s never been explained before. The simplest way to get the new idea across is by using a compelling metaphor. You start with something the studio boss already understands and build on that e.g....

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Hyper Segmentation

Andrew Penny, August 8 2023

Most of us are familiar with the ‘Total Addressable Market’, or TAM. It is the number of buyers that could theoretically be convinced to buy a certain product or service. The finance guys like to see this value in dollars, the manufacturing and delivery people want to see units, and the sales folks want to see buyers. Let’s deal with buyers here...

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Market Strategy

The $32m Rock

Andrew Penny, June 13 2023

About a year ago in the sprawling Fura mine in Mozambique Balbir, the master sorter was on to something. After the sorting and sifting of hundreds of tons of earth and ore, a small red golf ball sized rock stood out. It was destined to become the world’s most expensive ruby. After the cutters and polishers had finished with it, the now thumbnail...

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Market Strategy

New Products to New Markets

Andrew Penny, May 23 2023

We’ve helped hundreds of companies take new products into new markets and when I say new products, I don’t mean a slightly better ‘me too’ product, but ones that completely change the way things have been done up till then. This includes tomato bio-char, de-pyrolysis of used tires, smart home grids, GPS farming, and many

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Market Strategy

The Race is On

Andrew Penny, April 18 2023

Time to drop the clutch There is a great deal of talk about the economy slowing down.  So what? The North American economy is still worth about $28 trillion and Europe’s about $19 trillion.  So even if it’s not accelerating, there are still, collectively, 47 trillion ways to make a buck.  To go faster we must change gears, and that is just what...

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Market Strategy

Digging Deeper

Graham Birkenhead, March 7 2023

We recently completed some market research to help a manufacturer selling premium products to determine which geography to focus on. As a premium product, it required individuals with sufficient disposable income and psychographics that would support our client’s product. We looked at age, family groupings, housing density, education and of...

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Close One Eye

Andrew Penny, February 14 2023

Some years ago, I was cutting logs at my cottage, and it felt as if I had a wood chip in my right eye. I blinked and flushed and probed my eye. I looked in the mirror and couldn't see anything. So I went to see my eye doctor the next day and it turned out that I had a detached

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Market Strategy

How to Win the World Cup of Business

Andrew Penny, January 24 2023

When I hear the expression “Best in World” I typically think of sports – F1, Olympics, Football and so on. The recent World Cup in which Lionel Messi scored two goals to lead Argentina to victory is a shining example of being “Best in World’! The road to victory is long. Argentina had to be one of the 32 qualifiers from amongst 3,900 FIFA...

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Market Strategy

Being “Best in World”

Andrew Penny, January 17 2023

It is difficult to understand how much the world of business has changed in the last 4 or 5 years. We have seen an earth-shaking amount of technological change, the adoption of which has been accelerated by fundamental changes in the way we work and communicate with each other. We now live in a world where distance is irrelevant, knowledge is...

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