Andrew Penny, October 25 2022

Clench your Cheeks

I taught skiing, part time, for over 40 years. And during that time, I learned so much about skiing, teaching, and people. I also learned a great deal about staying warm; standing around for hours on end in windy -25C weather coaching downhill racers is not for the faint of heart.

The bio-physics of skiing are fairly straight forward: gravity, friction and balance are the main drivers. The challenge is in adapting one’s body to suit the speed, terrain, and snow conditions in order to get the skis doing what you want them to. Once a skier has learned the basics, then it’s the fine tuning that moves the skier from beginner to intermediate status and beyond. 

Fine tuning can be very simple; however, diagnosing the issue, developing a solution, and then communicating it in a way that the skier can understand and implement is the tricky bit. This ability to diagnose, develop a solution and communicate it is what differentiates the good from the great instructors 

One of the most effective phrases I have used to help skiers adopt the correct stance is to simply say ‘clench your cheeks’. This is easily understood and implemented. It typically has the bio-mechanical effect of moving a person’s centre of gravity forward a few degrees to bring them centred over their skis so that they regain control and move in the desired direction (stand up and try it😊 ).

 I have been a ‘business enthusiast’ all my life and have been coaching business owners professionally for over 25 years. Our team at Kingsford has some mad skills and experience that we draw on every day. And sometimes all you need is a simple bit of advice to make all the difference, although, clench your cheeks is a rarely offered as business advice.

 That’s why we created Hot-Seat Consulting for when you think have everything figured out but it’s still not quite working the way you want it to. Or when you are figuring out what direction to take on a new journey. Or when you simply want a sounding board for a new idea. 

 Hot-Seat consulting can help you regain control and move your company in the desired direction.

 You can see how it works here.

 Note: If you are a past or present Kingsford client, Hot-Seat Consulting is available to you free of charge.

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Written by

Andrew Penny


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