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The Kingsford Team, March 24 2020

Getting Back to the Future

We are temporarily suspending the Best in World series to focus on operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Last week, after we got Very serious about COVID19:

• Schools, shops, events closed or shut down.
• Social distancing has become the new normal
• Panic buying seems to be abating
• Governments announced a huge financial support package for businesses and individuals.
• Communities organized to support their members – eg gift card schemes
• Water in Venice is running clear again – people can see the bottom
• NO2 emissions in China and Italy have dropped dramatically
• Some low-lives are developing scams to target those made vulnerable by the situation.

As a business community, we are learning and adapting to the new normal. We still have a lot of uncertainty, but all around us, we see people rising to the challenge.

Many businesses are struggling, cashflow is the primary business challenge and so operational efficiency is definitely a focus.

We are now going through an ‘orientation’ phase, working out what is going on, what it all means and based on our experience and the information that is floating around, what we can do about it. So much is new and so much is beyond our experience.

Next, our minds will be looking for patterns, connecting dots, looking for options and possibilities. Slowly but surely, plans will be forming and next, we must enact those plans. They will not be perfect, and some will work and some will fail. In situations like this, when we are dealing with great uncertainty and operating beyond our experience, getting other people involved in our discussion, thinking and exploration of ideas can be very useful.

For some ideas about that, look at 2 of Graham’s recent blogs:

Diverse Thinking – Your Team’ Secret Weapon, about using the mental / thinking style diversity of your team to understand problems and develop solutions.

One Rule and One Tool, about trying to bring clarity to the problem you are trying to address.

Then, some of us will remain focused on today and tomorrow, struggling to find the patterns and the path. Others will see the pent-up demand and opportunities the changes have brought. While ensuring their firms stay strong, they will be readying for the inevitable rebound that business will experience.

Please do consider us part of your team. To help we are waiving any fees on calls, or e-mails (you can also use our contact request). We are ready to talk with you about increasing your efficiencies and about rebounding.

We are all on duty to help, albeit remote and ‘socially distant’.

Sometimes it is good to just chat things through.

Graham, Andrew and Jelena 

Written by

The Kingsford Team


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