Andrew Penny, December 8 2020

How Are You Leveraging Your Company to Be the Change?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an excellent stress test for society - the way work and the way we live. It’s brought to light things that are obsolete, things that are inefficient, and things that from a 21st-century perspective, are simply wrong.

We all read about the dramatic changes that are happening in retail. Companies are attracting clients based not only on the products and services they sell, but to an increasing extent on the way they operate in the world - this can include the way they treat their employees, their attitudes towards safety, diversity, sustainability, social positioning - in short, the impact they are having upon the world we all share.

This trend is moving quickly into the BTB environment. As a BBB customer I'm starting to ask questions of my suppliers about sustainability, about the new electric vehicles they're using, about the recycling processes, about the level of diversity in their employee base. As an employee I'm starting to ask why am I doing this? What's my motivation?

We’re working with a number of companies at the moment to help them establish their growth strategies for 2021. The starting point for almost all our clients is to help them to find the dent they’re going to make in the universe - to help them focus on how they’re going to make the world a better place. I have to be honest this is uplifting work for our team, and it has value beyond the spiritual.

With a clear purpose, it’s much easier to rally employees to your cause. With a clear purpose, it’s much easier to focus your market message. With a clear purpose, it’s much easier to attract the kinds of customers that will be a pleasure to serve and who, in turn, will get excellent value from you. In the old days with a fairly closed market, employers could get away with simply hiring local “labour”.

In today’s market, where buyers and employees can choose to buy from, and work with any company in the world, the old model simply doesn’t work.

So perhaps the key questions for you going into 2021 are: what is my business all about? what is the change or the impact that I want to have on the world? and how will I line up my business objectives and activities to achieve it? 

Written by

Andrew Penny


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