Leadership & Management

Stay in touch with your Inner Elephant

Graham Birkenhead, September 20 2022

Those elephants just sneak into the room with you, hide in plain sight whilst tucked away in corners, and cause havoc with your company’s performance.  If only we could do something about that. Humans have an amazing ability to see and notice things that are different or changing, but we are generally less good at seeing things that don't change....

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Think twice before saying “Good job!”

Jelena Franco, June 22 2021

In my first job as a Key Account Manager in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry, I was trying to sell a couple of pallets of Carpaccio to my client in Riga. The client kept ignoring my calls and I was starting to feel very frustrated. I had only been on the job for about a month and was starting to feel that I would never succeed at this. I cal...

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Connection Decay

Andrew Penny, June 15 2021

A few weeks ago, I tried to connect with the national sales manager of a North American appliance manufacturer. I went through a fairly torturous auto-attendant reception tree to try and find the individual. I eventually spoke to a live person who offered to transfer me – and I was put on hold, indefinitely.  I dialed back in and then went throug...

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