The Kingsford Team, October 23 2018

Welcome to the Accelerator

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was to keep doing the same thing over again and expecting the result to be different.    

We have been posting blogs for many years – sometimes more consistently than at other times, but on the whole, we have been sharing glimpses of our extensive knowledge of how businesses operate, grow and succeed (or struggle), on a pretty regular basis.  We have been doing all the right stuff of tracking our analytics and priding ourselves on getting above industry standards in opens and click-throughs, we routinely got calls and e-mails from readers who found that a point that we raised resonated in some way, we got a steady flow of business as people read our posts and decided we could help. 

However, we realized that it was time for a refresh, and so we took a bit of a hiatus over the summer . We used the opportunity to rethink what we were writing and how it reflected on our core purpose, and on how we help companies to accelerate and be the best they can be. 

So, here’s what we determined:

A favourite quote is that “the company that succeeds will be the one that learns faster than the competition”.  That’s the key to acceleration, and we at Kingsford are here to help you. That is our core purpose. 

So What?  Every so often, it is good to just stop, reconnect with what and who you are, make sure you are going where you need or want to go and that everything you are doing is aligned with that. And, if necessary, adjust what you are doing to keep yourself heading in the right direction. 

Your task, should you wish to accept it:   Take a few minutes, and look at this week’s calendar. For each item, ask yourself “how is this related to my core purpose? And, is this really helping me get where I want to be?”      -     Let us know what you discover.   

Our experience has taught us that strategic planning for private companies is vastly different to the process for publicly owned companies where the ‘owner’ is not in the room. As a result, our strategic planning sessions are quite different from anything you have seen before.   Call us to find out more. We only have room for three more planning sessions before the new year. Let's Talk.

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The Kingsford Team

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