Market Strategy

Changing the Game

Andrew Penny, November 16 2021

When you enter a new market, the natural inclination is to figure out how the game is played there and then how you can play it better than the incumbents. This is a very poor way to enter a new market. A better way is to determine what the end users require and then start from a blank sheet to design your own way to serve the ‘best’ segment in tha...

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Market Strategy

Beyond The Bubble

Graham Birkenhead, September 30 2021

While many people are trying to 'get back to normal', I think many of us have realized that for a whole range of aspects of our existence - whether at home or in business - we are looking at a new or different normal - and exactly what that looks like, is still being defined. Times of uncertainty always provide great opportunity for those willing...

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One Rule and one Tool

Graham Birkenhead, April 9 2019

For having more productive discussions ... I was an observer at a workshop and conference recently. As happens at these events, people were split into various groups to consider specific subjects. Lots of interesting discussion was generated and many good ideas came out of it. By the looks on their faces, the participants felt like they had made go...

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Leadership & Management

The Great Unemployment Opportunity of 2019

Andrew Penny, March 26 2019

For this instalment of the accelerator we are going video.  Let us know what you think. Bottom Line:  If you find ways to help your clients reduce their labour needs, you can charge more, differentiate yourselves and create deeper customer relationships.

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Leadership & Management

Building the Culture to Accelerate

Graham Birkenhead, March 12 2019

Acceleration is all about going faster, and then going even faster, and then faster still.   If you look at a graph of acceleration – it shows that over time, your speed, or size, or revenue doesn't just get larger in a nice straight line, but it’s a line that curves upwards.  Now the thing is with acceleration, as opposed to a nice steady linear g...

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Market Strategy

I Hate Waiting for People When I Ski

Andrew Penny, February 26 2019

I hate waiting for people when I ski. Well maybe hate is a strong word, but waiting does break my flow. My friend Andrew (yeah same name as me) is a fabulous skier - a Level 3 Certified Ski Instructor no less. And for those of you who don’t know about skiing, that’s pretty close to godliness. (Level 4s are the real gods – at least they think so...)...

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Leadership & Management

Are you Confusing Motion with Progress?

Graham Birkenhead, February 12 2019

On my journey home over the weekend on a busy highway, I was able to watch the driving style of another driver.  We joined the highway together – I noticed him because he was in the wrong lane and squeezed into the on ramp behind me.  We slipped into the traffic stream and went on our way.   A minute later, his car went flying past me on the right...

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Market Strategy

How to Use a Bar (Chart) to Grow Revenue

Andrew Penny, January 29 2019

I ask all our clients for a report on sales by customer for the last 2 or sometimes 3 years; but even a single year (as the example below shows) provides great insights.  And, with multiple years you also get trends. Next, I do something that is incredibly simple but provides huge insights. I load the data into a spread-sheet, sort by revenue (lar...

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Market Strategy

Legacy Constraints

Andrew Penny, December 18 2018

Legacy Constraints are the Achilles' Heel of enterprise companies; they are your opportunity. One of our clients is a rapidly growing software as a service (SAAS) company. We are helping them on their way to becoming a global company - which of course takes money. Our initial evaluation showed there were a number of billion-dollar companies that ap...

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Lean & Agile

Make your Value Flow - End to End

Graham Birkenhead, December 4 2018

I was chatting with a friend  the other day, explaining a little more about what I do when he stopped me and said: “I keep hearing that term - what exactly do you mean by end-to-end and why do you talk about it all the time?” Once you are exposed to end to end (e2e) it comes naturally but it can take a while to grasp the subtleties. e2e is core to...

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