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Andrew Penny, February 16 2021

The First Sell

Many companies (products and services companies) focus all their efforts on designing the end-customer experience. They think about the discovery, the buying experience, the user-experience, support and so on. And then, after all of that is ‘designed-in’ they think about getting to market.

The mistake they often make is that they fail to consider their distribution channel’s experience.  What about 'designing-in' the channel experience at the same time you are 'designing-in' the end-customer experience?

Most channels select their products based on the margin or markup they can achieve and the volume they can expect.

What does a channel want? Certainly they want a profitable relationship but also

• Efficient, responsive communication

• Ability to contribute to the end user value

• And perhaps most importantly, and most overlooked, to be seen as a respected member of the value chain that satisfies and delights the end user.

As a provider of products or services, you are only a small part of the overall value chain. If you sell through intermediaries, then your ‘first sell’ is to your distribution partners. How well are you treating them? You may have designed a great end user experience, but what about your channel partners? Have you designed your offerings to surprise and delight them?

Written by

Andrew Penny


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