Andrew Penny, March 28 2023

The Future is Bright

Wear your Sunglasses

Earlier this week I participated in a conference at the historic Chateau Laurier in Ottawa organized by the Canadian Club on the future of Electricity in Canada. The message is that we need much more power and, given the long lead times, we need to start the building this capacity now. Right now. 

Most of these projects are being promoted by large scale providers (hydro, nuclear, wind, and large-scale solar farms). All of these will be needed. But will it be enough - and will it be in time? 

What was not represented was what I would call citizen power. If every home and office, was equipped to capture and store solar, wind, or geo-thermal energy we could ensure, not only enough power, but we would also have energy resiliency through localized generation and storage.  A sensible green approach.  

Is it possible?  

Through our work we see hundreds of new technologies coming to market in all areas of energy generation, storage, and management. The payback periods are getting shorter and shorter. The reliability becoming better and better. And the control systems to manage them smarter and smarter.  

The future is bright. Bring your shades!


Written by

Andrew Penny


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