Jelena Franco, May 3 2022

Tips for Hiring Manufacturing Jobs

So many manufacturers are hiring these days – or at least trying to. Our manufacturing clients are bouncing back after Covid with lots of new business, and their pipelines are full. Some are struggling to find components and materials, and many are wondering where they are going to find the people they need to keep up with the production.

Many companies want ready-trained and fully skilled people.  While there are lots out there, the relative size of that pool is shrinking, and most are already working. Bringing people in earlier in their career, and providing an environment in which they can learn and develop will serve you both well. Before I offer you some tips on attracting entry-level manufacturing staff, set yourself on the right strategic course with Graham's "5 Questions you should ask yourself when recruiting." 

Now, let's put ourselves in the new employee's shoes and see how we can welcome them to work for you and stay.

1.    Make the job meaningful.Whatever the role is, how you welcome a new employee into the company and support them in their first few days, weeks, and months, will flavour your overall relationship with them, and possibly impact how long and how well they work with you.  Think of how you can welcome them and develop their potential to work for you and not for others. Everybody is naturally inclined to try to understand things, so make sure you always explain how their part of the job fits into the final assembly. Additionally, explain what the part they are working with is, where it came from and why it was selected for the assembly. Remember that not only it is a part of educating for the job, but you are also helping your employees understand your company values and enabling them to explain them to others. 

2.    Do not fear the Gen-Zs.Gen Zs are entering the workforce now. They are true digital natives, very values focused especially when it comes to companies they associate with – such as buying products or working for. And they place considerable importance on things like environment and diversity.  But rest assured, just like any other ‘generation’ they want to work for a good company and do a good rewarding job.

3.    But it’s not ‘Just a Job’.Don't present yourself as ‘just a manufacturing company’ – recognize the crucial role that engineering and manufacturing companies play in society – be proud of that. Highlight some of the remarkable technologies or capabilities you have and the cool projects you've been working on. Finally, showcase the spirit of the production floor. Make potential employees understand that they are joining an organization where they and their skills will be valued.   

Don’t limit your hiring to job fairs and booths, post your announcement on Facebook and LinkedIn and make use of your existing employees; a recent study found that 70% of people find out about new opportunities from people they know.  Explore places where your potential employees go – real and virtual.For more tips or questions, or if you’d like my help to review your job announcement or hiring strategy, just give me a shout. 

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