Clean Tech can mean many things but essentially it includes all those companies that are working to clean up our planet. Some are carbon-centric firms that are transforming their products and their focus, some are launching new products in this sector and others are brand new companies starting with a clean sheet. We see an incredible amount of learning happening as these companies expand into their markets and a great deal of that learning can be extremely useful to other companies and their leaders.

Our Cleantech CEO Virtual Round Table presents a unique opportunity to confidentially dive into the insights of your fellow leaders, explore cutting-edge strategies, validate your ideas, and reinvigorate your business vision.

These monthly dialogues are expertly curated by Andrew Penny, the founder of Kingsford Consulting, who brings with him a wealth of experience spanning more than two decades in supporting CEOs as they tackle new challenges and blaze new trails. He ensures that each participant not only has a platform to voice their concerns but also plays a pivotal role in contributing to our collective pool of wisdom.

You are a CEO / President / Founder who is leading your firm’s aggressive growth.
You likely have:

Revenue and / or seed funding

Approaching or have achieved break-even

At least 1 year in business

A desire to learn from others


12 seats  

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