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Graham, February 22 2022

How should your culture grow with your company?

Last week, Andrew wrote about the 3 stages of growth that a company experiences.  While a company needs to adjust what it does as it grows, it also needs to change what it is, and this parallel change in being is a cultural journey.

Your culture is created by the people within your company. Cultures often naturally drift and evolve over time, but they can also be held firmly in place and become immovable.  Culture is led by the natural leaders in your business, and they may not be your appointed leaders. As a business leader, you should regularly consider if the culture in your company is appropriate for your current stage of growth and where you want to go with your company.   As Peter Drucker said "Culture eats Strategy for breakfast"

Is your culture where it needs to be? 

If you would like help with assessing your culture and mapping out an evolution plan, let's talk.


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