Andrew Penny, August 22 2023

Advisors vs Coaches

While often mentioned in the same breath, their impacts are very different

Coaches focus on the people (typically CEOs and executives) to help them improve their leadership skills and address specific management challenges. They can improve personal performance through specific interventions in areas such as time management, presentations skills and interpersonal relationships.  By improving people’s skills, they can improve the company’s situation. 

Advisors play a different role. 

Advisors focus on the business (not necessarily the individual). They take a broader approach by offering insights for strategic decision-making. They serve as reliable sounding boards, providing feedback and leveraging their experience to guide businesses. They can also act as accountability partners. 

In my own case, having worked with hundreds of different executives over the last 25 years in almost every vertical market, I'm able to bring perspectives from just about every industry. Not only the industry itself, but also the varied revenue strategies and business models that are used in industries such as manufacturing forestry, agricultural, aerospace, software development, SaaS, PaaS, solar, and many more. 

In essence, coaches fine-tune leadership, while advisors offer strategic wisdom. The support of an experienced business advisor is a valuable asset for any growing businesses. 

If you’d like to chat more about this, let me know. 


Written by

Andrew Penny


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