Andrew Penny, June 6 2023


Are your strongest differentiator

A few weeks ago, I was at a live event where a series of executives explained their firms’ approaches to financing companies deploying sustainable technologies. Their intent was to generate interest in their services. 

One after the other they tried to differentiate themselves on their features, advantages, and benefits. As you might expect, after the second such speech, interest waned, and they started to blur together. But one really stood out.  

And this is really important...

                           The one that stood out was the only one that shared their personal beliefs. 

People only do business with people they like and trust. Think about it, do you like and trust someone because they skillfully explain their firm’s features, advantages and benefits? However, if I know what you believe, I can more easily predict how you will act and therefore trust you, and if we have similar beliefs, I am more likely to like you. 

What do your people believe in? What is their motivation to work for your company? (we refer to this collective company belief as “core purpose”). Ask your team members what they believe; particularly any outward facing people.  Is it aligned with your company’s core purpose?  Are they paying lip-service or do they truly believe?   Note the subtle difference between the individual and the firm; firms don’t believe in things, people do. 

So, the next time you are presenting to an audience, start off by explaining what you believe and what motivates you to keep doing what you are doing.  Then watch the body language subtly change, feel the level of engagement increase, enjoy your own sense of empowerment. 

Be well and watch your footprint. 


Written by

Andrew Penny


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