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Andrew Penny, November 16 2021

Changing the Game

When you enter a new market, the natural inclination is to figure out how the game is played there and then how you can play it better than the incumbents. This is a very poor way to enter a new market. 

A better way is to determine what the end users require and then start from a blank sheet to design your own way to serve the ‘best’ segment in that market. This includes examining the Asset Baggage© the incumbents are carrying (brand, distributers, ownership, partnerships, pricing models, etc) that will restrict their movements. 

By changing the way the game is played, you can capture the market and leave the competition in the dust. 

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A word from our friends at Carbon Lock Technologies Inc.Kingsford recognized our market challenges immediately and offered great advice throughout the entire project. The Kingsford team presented us with good questions, suggestions, and solutions to help navigate the many possible routes of the biochar marketplace. We are fortunate to have found them and look forward to a long relationship with them.Terry Gray, President

Written by

Andrew Penny


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