Andrew Penny, February 13 2024

Cupid for Business

What the guy with the Love Bow can teach us

Some say that matchmaking is the world’s oldest business.  And today, after 190,000 years of evolution, it remains one of the most stable. The way this $4.3Bn industry is marketed has evolved too with a plethora of apps designed for every, taste, budget, style, need, and timeline.   

Personalization and Matching.  Dating apps use algorithms to match potential partners based on interests, behaviours, likes and dislikes* (see the last newsletter for more of these dislikes).  B2B marketing can leverage market research to determine the same sorts of criteria and create the best possible match between buyer and seller. Hyper-segmentation is a real thing. 

The Importance of First Impressions.  Dating apps guide you through profile creation to make a strong first impression. Similarly, in B2B marketing, the first interaction a potential client has with your brand—be it through your website, a product demo, or a marketing campaign—needs to be impactful and memorable. Think about when the clients you’d love to do business with visit your website, read your emails, visit your booth – do they swipe left or swipe right?  

Pricing.  Dating apps design pricing systems to meet clients’ needs and wants (which is why men pay more for a short-term subscription the closer it is to Friday night).B2B Marketers have a wide variety of pricing options to match their buyer needs – CapEx vs OpEx, sales vs service, rent vs lease, pre-purchase deposit, upgrade options and so on. Engage them with the perfect deal. 

Community Building.  Many dating apps create communities where people can share experiences (good and bad) and advice to deal with it.In B2B marketing, this can be achieved through forums, social media groups, webinars, and events that encourage networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among businesses. Get the whole family involved. 

Adaptability and Innovation.  Dating apps continually evolve, creating new features and adapting to changing behaviour ,new desires, and new technologies. Similarly, B2B marketing requires constant innovation and flexibility to respond to changing market conditions, emerging trends, and the evolving needs of clients. Keep it fresh to go the distance.   

So, here's to the romantics in the boardroom, wooing the market with every pitch and presentation. I hope that your engagements will be as plentiful as roses in February and that all your proposals are swiped right.  


Written by

Andrew Penny


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