Andrew Penny, February 6 2024

Dictum Meum Pactum

Words are Important

The London Stock exchange, founded in 1571, has the motto “dictum meum pactum” on its coat of arms. It shows that members of the exchange are literally bound by what they say – without need of a written contract.  In more modern times we would say, ‘my word is as good as my bond”.  

Today in our hyperactive environments, where we all seem to be spinning more plates and managing a thousand variables, this ability to trust each other is even more important. Consider it the essential ingredient that makes all that plate spinning much easier. Afterall if you give, or get, dodgy commitments a lot of extra work is required to manage the uncertainties. 

These promises can seem insignificant :

There is no such thing as a small promise. They reflect on you as a person and, CEOs take note, on your company as a whole.  “Can I trust ______?”  What do I tell my friends? 

What to do? 

 And if  ‘the dog ate my homework’ situation occurs, come clean as soon as possible and reset the promise.   

Andrew Penny

Dictum Meum Pactum

Written by

Andrew Penny


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