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Andrew Penny, August 20 2020

Digital Marketing is a Waste of Time and Money

Every day I get at least five inbounds via LinkedIn or email. People from all over the world are telling that they will; “Fill my sales pipeline”, “Generate high-quality business leads”, outsource my inside sales to grow my pipeline, and so on. Sounds enticing but, trust me, it’s all useless.

These kinds of pitches are made by desperate companies that prey on buyer ignorance. They believe that if they spam enough people a sucker will show up frequently enough to keep them afloat. Digital marketing is taking up all the oxygen in the room and distracting business owners from the truth about sales. If it was as effective as they claim, why are they busy trying to sell you a marketing package rather than scaling up a million-dollar money machine of their own? (If you have been enticed by these get rich quick schemes message me. We’ll talk...).

The truth is that all forms of digital marketing are simply tactics. Tactics are the coordinated suite of actions that together form your strategy to achieve your objectives. Sure it feels good to send out 5,000 emails, engage an SEO “expert”, ‘invest “$10,000 in PPC advertising. Action always feels good. But. If those actions are not part of a larger strategy it is, at best, a complete waste of time, energy and your company’s resources and, at worst, it can irreparably damage your company’s brand.

Sad to say, there is no magic pill or secret to marketing success. An effective market strategy starts with clarity around exactly what it is you do, who you do it for, how you improve their situation, and why they should choose your company, over all others. (If you want some ideas start with one of our earlier blogs here.)

If you lack this clarity – spend your money on a new boat! At least you’ll have something to show for it.

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Andrew Penny


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