Andrew Penny, September 12 2023

It’s like ‘When Harry Met Sally” but with Penguins

How to use movie pitches to attract financing

Most movies are unique, except for the endless sequels. And so, when someone pitches a studio on a movie idea, they need to explain something that’s never been explained before. The simplest way to get the new idea across is by using a compelling metaphor. You start with something the studio boss already understands and build on that e.g. “Snakes” – Like “Jaws” on an Aeroplane.    

The same is true when you are launching a new category of product or service. You must quickly help people understand the concept. Start with something your market does understand, and modify it.  

For example:

 How does this work with your product or service? 

Can you develop a one-line Pitch?    I’d love to hear them – send me a note. 


PS – I don’t know about you, but I think I’d watch a movie like Harry Met Sally but with penguins…

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Andrew Penny


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