The Dreaded Plateau of Mediocrity

Andrew Penny, December 6 2022

I was chatting with Graham Findlay this morning (he owns 3G-Energy.com) who told me that he is learning to play the guitar. He explained that most learners hit what he called the “plateau of mediocrity”. It’s where you think you are pretty good, and you get feedback from your friends and colleagues who confirm, that you are pretty good. It feels...

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Your People are NOT your most important asset

Graham Birkenhead, November 29 2022

"WHAT??”, you say.  “Are you serious???    Haven’t you heard the mantra that we all recite to ourselves, and each other, and liberally douse our corporate communications with????  ….. of course people are our most valuable asset!!!!" Sounds like you are a little surprised to hear me say that people are NOT your most important asset especially as...

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The Voldemort Approach

Andrew Penny, November 22 2022

If you are like me, every once in a while, you become overwhelmed. Nothing seems to work, you are not sure what task to take on next. Planning and forward thinking become cloudy. And on top of that, you feel like you need to keep a bold face on so as not to worry your team. Panic is often not far

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Graham Birkenhead, November 15 2022

Zig Zigler said, "You don't build companies, you build your people, and your people build the company". Last week, when exploring where to start when you want to bring improvements to your culture, I said that by a VERY significant margin, the most important element in a positive culture is RESPECT. And I asked if your staff feel respected?There...

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Culture - Where do I Start?

Graham Birkenhead, November 8 2022

Most CEOs and company executives in North America now recognise that improving their corporate culture would have a very positive impact on their business' performance. They recognise that culture is up there with strategy, marketing, brand, finance, and IP in terms of importance. And most also admit that their culture is not where it needs to...

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6 Ways to become the Workplace of Tomorrow – Today

Graham Birkenhead, November 1 2022

Sun Tzu said many things concerning the art of war that are just as applicable to the art of business. For example, "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”  There are many aspects to the world today that we could describe as chaos, and in each there will be opportunity for those that care to

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Clench your Cheeks

Andrew Penny, October 25 2022

I taught skiing, part time, for over 40 years. And during that time, I learned so much about skiing, teaching, and people. I also learned a great deal about staying warm; standing around for hours on end in windy -25C weather coaching downhill racers is not for the faint of

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How to Attract and Hire Staff Post-covid

Andrew Penny, October 11 2022

Almost every CEO I meet complains that finding staff is hard. And those that they can attract don’t perform well and don’t stay. Every leader understands how important great employees are to the success of their team, but many are doing it backwards. Companies spend huge amounts of money on websites, lead generation, sales funnels, pipeline...

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The Eight Key Questions to Ask your Channel Sales Managers

Andrew Penny, October 4 2022

If your sales activity is completely or partially conducted through channel partners, here are the 8 key questions you should be asking your channel managers: 1    On a scale of 1- 10, how important are you to your partners’ business strategy?   Typically, partners have many different products or services to promote, but those that are crucial...

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The Silver Bullet for Profit

Andrew Penny, September 27 2022

Sometimes the best way forward is so obvious that we often overlook it. This is true with companies wanting to increase their revenues and to become more profitable (of course the two are not necessarily synonymous...) They look at new markets, new products, new partners, complicated sales promotions, advertising campaigns and so on. All of which c...

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