5 - Asking for It

Andrew Penny, September 5 2017

At some point in the sales process, your resellers need to ask their customer if they would like to buy your product. This, in turn, means the customer needs to make a decision – buy or don’t buy. Of course, if you are buying something like gas (or petrol) for your car, there really is no decision – it’s just a habit – there is no buy or don’t buy...

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4 - Getting Emotional

Andrew Penny, August 8 2017

The word started out in Latin - movere (to move), migrated through French - émouvoir (excite) and finally into English – emotion. Isn’t that cool? Emotion and movement are joined at the hip. Without emotion there is no movement, no action and, of course, no deal. Emotion is the brain’s ‘first responder’. It rushes in to assess a situation and infor...

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3 - Credibility

Andrew Penny, July 4 2017

Credibility is about 2 two things:  first - the customer believes that you will provide what you say you will and second - that your advice will be in their best interest.  So they need to trust your product and your advice.  In most cases, as a channel manager, you control the product but you don’t control how it will be sold. A great product sold...

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2 - Engagement - First Contact

Andrew Penny, June 1 2017

Contact A look across a crowded room, an accidental touch on the subway – the first contact. That connection is just as important in business life as it is in personal life. What do they see, what do they hear, what do they smell (some sales environments are indeed meant to smell – Cinnabon for example – others… less so).

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1 - The Start of the Customer Journey

Andrew Penny, May 1 2017

Becoming Aware This is the start of the customer journey and the foundation upon which your relationship with them will be built. Awareness occurs in two steps:Step One - that moment when a customer realises they have an unmet need or desire,Step Two - when they become aware of your solution. It is important to recognise this as two elements becaus...

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Become a Pricing Master with these 5 Golden Rules

Andrew Penny, February 17 2015

An area that people get wrong all the time is pricing. Some people price high based on the profits they hope to achieve. Some base it on some sort of average industry “cost plus” rule.  Some are afraid to charge too much. Still others simply add a few percent to last year’s price. So before you set your next price or quote your next deal here are t...

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