Advisors vs Coaches

Andrew Penny, August 22 2023

Coaches focus on the people (typically CEOs and executives) to help them improve their leadership skills and address specific management challenges. They can improve personal performance through specific interventions in areas such as time management, presentations skills and interpersonal relationships.  By improving people’s skills, they can...

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Wedge Categories

Andrew Penny, August 15 2023

Standing out and capturing attention can be difficult, especially when you're introducing a new product in a market where there are dozens of similar offerings. How do you find the right buyers and how do they find you. The larger the number of buyers, the more competitors you’ll have to face. A great way to solve this problem is to use a Wedge...

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Hyper Segmentation

Andrew Penny, August 8 2023

Most of us are familiar with the ‘Total Addressable Market’, or TAM. It is the number of buyers that could theoretically be convinced to buy a certain product or service. The finance guys like to see this value in dollars, the manufacturing and delivery people want to see units, and the sales folks want to see buyers. Let’s deal with buyers here...

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The Power of Purpose

Graham Birkenhead, August 1 2023

A sense of purpose is a crucial element of the well-being of any individual. Similarly, a sense of purpose can be a crucial aspect of any company’s culture and health. We like to think of a company’s purpose as being something much bigger than the company itself, something the company maybe couldn't achieve alone, something that they would...

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What's a little Greenwashing between friends?

Graham Birkenhead, July 25 2023

Greenwashing is the environmental evolution of whitewashing. Its outcome or impact is potentially devastating - in our ESG/PPP ecological balance consideration, the balance is way off as it emphasises a company's profitability (probably shorter term) at the expense of the environment and the trust of

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How do I have an environmental impact? Let me count the ways

Graham Birkenhead, July 18 2023

Most businesses do not have ESG reporting requirements; but there is increasing societal expectation that businesses will do the ‘right thing’.  Considering the environmental aspect of ESG, as the impact of climate change becomes more felt and real to larger proportions of the population (rather than abstract and something people elsewhere...

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E, S & G - Separate but Inseparable

Graham Birkenhead, July 11 2023

Environment / Planet, Social / People, and Governance / Prosperity can be, and often are, considered separately: Each of these is in itself a massive area; it's no wonder that we try to break it down into manageable chunks. But these 3 elements are actually inseparable. They form 3 key components of an ecological 'complex system'; achieving and...

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What can ESG do for me?

Graham Birkenhead, July 4 2023

As part of today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is becoming an increasingly central part of any business’ strategy and daily actions. Beyond the traditional focus on profit, a shift is occurring both within the business community itself and society in general, which urges...

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It's Time to Take Time

Andrew Penny, June 27 2023

Roger Greenberg of Minto Group was reflecting on his journey to building one of North America’s leading real estate developers. He acknowledged that the struggle is constant, and the uphill climb can be very hard. His advice to all those climbing similar mountains was to stop from time to time and admire the

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The Problem with Echo Chambers

Andrew Penny, June 20 2023

The Chagres River feeds 2 billion gallons of fresh water each day into the 82km Panama Canal to move the immense cargo ships through the channel. The canal carries about 6% of the worlds trade. It’s forecast that a 6-foot drop in its water levels is likely by the end of July. This means that the vessels can only carry 60% of a full load and sail...

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