Market Strategy

No One Wears Shoes

Andrew Penny, September 19 2023

Many years ago, a shoe-maker sent his best sales-person to a developing country to see if there was a market for shoes. He reported back, “The market is terrible – no one wears shoes”. Not being sure if this was true, the shoe-maker sent a consultant to double check, “The market is fantastic”, he reported, “No one wears

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Leadership & Management

Joining the Circular Economy

Graham Birkenhead, August 29 2023

The circular economy is an economic model designed to minimize waste and maximize the efficient use of resources. Within the Triple Bottom Line (Planet-People-Prosperity) model, this approach can make a significant contribution to the Planet consideration while ensuring the company's ongoing viability and Prosperity; it also can help People feel...

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Market Strategy

Wedge Categories

Andrew Penny, August 15 2023

Standing out and capturing attention can be difficult, especially when you're introducing a new product in a market where there are dozens of similar offerings. How do you find the right buyers and how do they find you. The larger the number of buyers, the more competitors you’ll have to face. A great way to solve this problem is to use a Wedge...

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Hyper Segmentation

Andrew Penny, August 8 2023

Most of us are familiar with the ‘Total Addressable Market’, or TAM. It is the number of buyers that could theoretically be convinced to buy a certain product or service. The finance guys like to see this value in dollars, the manufacturing and delivery people want to see units, and the sales folks want to see buyers. Let’s deal with buyers here...

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Market Strategy

The $32m Rock

Andrew Penny, June 13 2023

About a year ago in the sprawling Fura mine in Mozambique Balbir, the master sorter was on to something. After the sorting and sifting of hundreds of tons of earth and ore, a small red golf ball sized rock stood out. It was destined to become the world’s most expensive ruby. After the cutters and polishers had finished with it, the now thumbnail...

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Market Strategy

Market Entry Done Right

Andrew Penny, September 6 2022

OK, so you have determined that investing in a new market is the right way to move your company forward. And you have determined which is the best market segment to focus on. The next challenge is determining how you actually get into that market, in other words what is your market entry plan? Your market entry plan is going to be highly situationa...

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