Andrew Penny, April 18 2023

The Race is On

Time to drop the clutch

There is a great deal of talk about the economy slowing down.  So what?   

The North American economy is still worth about $28 trillion and Europe’s about $19 trillion.  So even if it’s not accelerating, there are still, collectively, 47 trillion ways to make a buck.  To go faster we must change gears, and that is just what the world is doing right now.  Business and governments are pressing in the clutch.  Our metaphorical clutch is the retooling and rethinking of just about everything: moving from fossil fuels to renewables, adjusting to a new world order, completing the move from analogue to digital, using technology to connect the world’s population, leveraging the immense power of generative AI.   

Sometime soon, we’ll drop the clutch, and the economy will surge forward. As business owners, it’s time to place your bets on the huge number of emerging opportunities. You can, of course do nothing and wait to see where the proven opportunities lie, but in this economy poised for acceleration, you’d undoubtedly be left in the dust. 

Go boldly! 


Written by

Andrew Penny


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