Andrew Penny, June 27 2023

It's Time to Take Time

To help you get where you are going, always remember where you came from

Roger Greenberg of Minto Group was reflecting on his journey to building one of North America’s leading real estate developers. He acknowledged that the struggle is constant, and the uphill climb can be very hard. His advice to all those climbing similar mountains was to stop from time to time and admire the view. 

I work with lots of successful CEOs and owners and the one thing they have in common is that they are all highly focused on the next goal – reaching the next sales level, breaking into the next market, introducing the new product, hiring the next executive - all which is essential for continued growth. But there is always a danger in over-reaching and exhausting the resources these steps require. 

People have the same limitations. Our ability to constantly strive is limited. And in many cases the body keeps pushing when the mind has checked out. It’s so important to take the time to not only stop and refresh but also to look back and see just what you and your team have accomplished. You may be pleasantly surprised at how far you have come. 

What are you doing to stop and admire the view? 


Written by

Andrew Penny


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