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Andrew Penny, June 7 2022

Hiring is a Competitive Sport - Here’s How to Win ...

One of our clients is expanding quite quickly and hiring people. They are in the business of creating complex and highly sensitive sensors to measure everything that’s going on with our ocean waters. Naturally they’re looking to hire people who are interested and hopefully passionate about the same sorts of things. So what do they do if they want to hire new people?

They just announced a new employee program that will give employees a $10,000 credit against buying an electric vehicle, they’ve installed electric vehicle chargers in their parking lot, they’ll subsidize the cost of taking common transit, they’ll pay their staff $.25 a kilometre if they bike to work. 

And they have a program to match charitable donations, they have an EAP program, they have an advanced healthcare and dental program, and they buy lunch on Fridays. All of this is promoted on LinkedIn where their target employees hang out.

So, if you were an individual who wanted to work in the environmental space and we’re passionate about positive change in the world, do you think a company offering these sorts of advantages would be of interest to you?  Of course it would. 

Companies that can align their core purpose and values with the kinds of benefits and advantages they provide to their employees will have no problem hiring new people. 

With a little bit of effort, every company can gain clarity on the benefits it’s bringing to our planet and by highlighting these, and creating employee programs that are in concert with these ideas, they’ll not only be able to attract people, they will be able to attract the kind people who are passionate about the same sorts of things that they are.

Have a great week!


BTW the company in question is https://rbr-global.com/

Written by

Andrew Penny


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